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      If cancer was a website, it would be Tumblr.

      NoxiousSludge (talkcontribs)

      Whenever people refer to a website that can only be described as the cancer of the internet, they usually have 4chan in mind. They aren't wrong of course, but keep in mind that there are many forms of cancer that manifest in different parts of the body. 4chan is only one of these many cancerous sites, with another being Tumblr.

      Oh Tumblr, where do we even begin with you? If there's a huge glaring flaw with the website, it would certainly be the demographic. Social justice warriors and their ilk are basically the roaches to Tumblr's sewer, as it is festering with them. All over the website you have these close-minded, ignorant, bigoted, all-around loathsome pieces of shit who go out of their way to police other people's words and thoughts, labeling what they don't like as "problematic". If you piss these people off, you could very well be on the receiving end of a doxxing attack with your public information leaked to people who could do god knows what with that information, all because you have the gall to not blindly follow feminist dogma, or don't believe that you are more privileged for being a white male. And the sad thing is, people may want to say that they're only a minority, but this mindset is all too popular among edgy hormonal teenagers, self-loathing whites/males/white males, and bullies who never quite grew out of school who want to exercise authority over others. Maybe I'm taking this bit too personally, but as a straight white male who came from a dysfunctional home complete with a narcissistic dad who would blow money on beer and cigarettes, a physically and mentally abusive stepmother who was an absolute tyrant of a woman, bills often being paid behind schedule resulting in loss of power or water, a lack of funds meaning that I lacked a personal computer until I was in my senior year in high school, and could barely afford to go the doctor's or take driving lessons, nothing pisses me off more than having people tell me that I'm supposedly privileged and that I need to check it. Fuck off with that noise. Even without those people though, the page image ought to let you know how many unfunny hipsterish people there are on the website.

      But personal anecdotes aside, the website itself has a flat out awful layout. The way the website is set up does not allow for steady discussion as you just reblog posts which makes it completely and utterly fail as a platform to discuss things on unless if you like awkward and stilted reply stacks. There's also the fact that some blogs are set up in such a way that instead of going from page to page to look at someone's posts, you basically load more and more posts on the same page eventually turning it into a slow, bloated, gargantuan mountain of posts that causes your computer to suffer from severe slowdown. Those blogs... dear god, how do you even design a website like this?!

      There are some positives though. There are plenty of cool anti-SJW blogs to follow, and every now and then, you'll find a really cool artist or person who flat-out doesn't give two shits about that kind of stuff and would rather entertain you with other things. I'm particularly a sucker for blogs that showcase beautiful photographs of various structures or animals. And if you're more of a lusty kind of person, there are tons of porn blogs that cater to just about every fetish imaginable. I'm not going more into that, but you'll have a good time if you're hunting for lewd content. :p

      All in all, that website has tons of stuff that pisses me off on a technical standpoint as well as an ideological one. However, there's just enough redeeming features of the website to at least justify going on there, though you sure as hell won't have me making recommendations.

      Looney Toons (talkcontribs)

      Wow. <blink> That's a lot of vitriol.

      I've got to admit, from a layout/organizational point of view, I've rarely seen a Tumblr blog that doesn't bug me with some functionality failure somewhere. But most of that can be laid at the feet of the various designers who peddle skins for the site. I particularly loathe the ones that remove all paging, just endlessly loading more content into the page you're on until your browser crashes from the overload.

      Now, personally, I've never been interested enough to look at the API for Tumblr, but I am reminded of the old comment about UNIX: that it wasn't designed to keep you from doing stupid things because that would also keep you from doing clever things. I'm willing to give the the technology the benefit of the doubt, and allow as how it may be that the site's failures are mostly the result of people misusing its flexibility. But that said, I can easily understand disliking a site for its technical limitations. And personally, I don't think there's all that much value in a site that is deliberately designed to be to regular blogging what Twitter is to email.

      However, the bile you spill forth because of the communities that have formed there? Completely baffles me. It's like saying television as a technology is fundamentally broken because you don't like what's on Channel 5 on Tuesday nights. It's complaining about blogs you don't like -- "how dare people who don't think like me congregate in a single spot and share their obviously incorrect beliefs!" Especially when you start trotting out all the political strawmen, not to mention a personal story that is somehow supposed to justify your right to an InterWeb that is Ideologically Pure. Give it a rest and go someplace else that doesn't give you apoplexy.

      NoxiousSludge (talkcontribs)

      You want me to give it a rest? How about you go and fuck off? I'm sorry if you're so offended by my hatred for Tumblr, but I have every right to voice my dislike for Tumblr and its demographic. This is a rant that I've been holding in for a long time, and I felt that this was the best place to do so, with my anecdote being more of a reason to justify why I believe that SJW's and their ilk have NO RIGHT to tell me to "check my privilege". As for trying to accuse me of building a strawman... have you SEEN who uses Tumblr? It's not a strawman when it's true.

      In summation, fuck you. Tumblr is a cancerous shithole that happens to have its rare good parts, and I have every right to voice my displeasure in a review for the site.

      GethN7 (talkcontribs)

      Noxious, chillax dude, no need to get personal.

      I agree, Tumblr is largely infested with the idiots, assholes, and lunatics of the internet, but it does have it's good parts, but, in fairness, if you don't like certain parts of Tumblr, as LT put it, don't look at those parts.

      I advise that myself, if only for your own sanity.

      Looney Toons (talkcontribs)

      Offended? No. Puzzled? Certainly. I've never understood how anyone can get into a frothing rage over the mere existence of people who disagree with them, and then lash out indiscriminately. Far as I'm concerned, that way lies ISIS and the Westboro Baptist Church.

      Geth has it right -- I said "give it a rest" for your own peace of mind.

      NoxiousSludge (talkcontribs)

      I see you're too thick-headed to talk to, so I suppose I may as well not bother at all.

      And nice job comparing me to extremist murderers/psychopaths by the way. You aren't seeing me calling for Tumblr to be shut down or have its plug pulled, and I'm certainly not calling for mass murder, I just fucking hate these people but am content to let them get their vapid, empty-headed bullshit ideals out in the air. But hey, you didn't go as far as to compare me to Hitler, so I guess you deserve a nice big cookie, eh?

      TBeholder (talkcontribs)

      Gee, internet is full of American socialists? Never noticed.

      But analysis is any good only if things are put into proper context and benchmarks are compared. So... where does this land goatsmyspace and facehugfacebook? :]

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