Two Guys and Guy

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Wayne, Guy, and Frank, as usual.
"I've created horrible people."
Rickard Jonasson

Two Guys and Guy is a M/W/F status quo gag-per-day webcomic. It follows the day-to-day adventures of three Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonists: Wayne, an average slacker; Frank, who is intelligent but amoral; and Guy, a shameless egotist who hangs around for her own amusement and profit. Their Comedic Sociopathy drives the plot of each comic.

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Tropes used in Two Guys and Guy include:

Frank: No, I said I’ve turned down romance in favor of science.

Wayne: Frank, what’s wrong with you, man? Laugh once in awhile!
Guy: Yeah, you weirdo!
Frank: Strange. I thought I did…

Jonasson: If I'm not being emotionally abused, then how do I know it's friendship?

Wayne: Is this nice version of Guy freaking you out, too?
Frank: Yep.