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Examples of Uncanny Valley/Web Original include:

  • From an advert on this very website: [1]
    • Ah, yes, the dreaded FooPets.com ads. Never before have virtual pets run headlong into the valley like these ads. Just a warning to anyone curious, they become worse when animated.
  • In Ilivais X, Iriana is meant to be at the very bottom of this. Mostly expressionless, very cold, looks like a monochrome walking loli corpse, can't ever die outside an energy source, gets off to being stabbed, etc. And she HATES it.
  • PHOTOMORPHING. If you seriously think the baby in Junior looks creepy, these things look just plain ugly. Some people in the Furry Fandom often do this to make themselves look like their anthros...with highly unexpected results.
    • A recent meme on Fur Affinity encourages people to find a photograph an an animal and photoshop it into their character. Fortunately, most people participating in this simply recolor the picture and draw on cartoony looking clothes and accessories.
    • It's incredibly bad when people who have apparently never seen Avatar photoshop themselves to look like Na'vi...pure Nightmare Fuel right there.
  • Referenced in a recent Teen Girl Squad cartoon, where Japanese Culture Greg is going to the prom with Chizuko, his robot date.

Science Fiction Greg:You think I'd be into life-size realistic robots, but that thing makes me want to barf up my earlier energy drink into the one I'm currently drinking.


Okay. Audience participation! Let’s do a little experiment. 1) Lie down on your side. 2) Bend your torso up 90 degrees. 3) Call the paramedics.