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    • Alternative Character Interpretation: Will Munny, so many.
    • Disproportionate Retribution: When Delilah starts screaming, Davey runs into the room to see what's going on. While at first he seems to be trying to calm the other cowboy, Davey ends up holding Delilah down as his friend cut her up. Although, everything after this event shows Davey to be truly sorry for what happened.
      • Considering the extremely light "legal" punishment they got for permanently scarring a woman (not just damaging her looks but also her livelihood), death might not be disproportionate. Everything else that happens however...
    • Hollywood Homely: Delilah's scars aren't exactly pretty, but they don't exactly make her horrible either. And considering she is a small town prostitute, it's not likely her customers would care much. In fact, she's still the prettiest of the girls. It's Lampshaded, though.
      • This trope is invoked as part of the plot is that the other prostitutes exaggerate just how horribly Delilah was mutilated (they go so far as to claim her breasts were cut off), mostly because they can't actually afford what they are offering and hope the bounty hunters will be driven by enough righteous fury that they will take out their targets before they ask for their money.
      • And also turned into a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming when Munny tells her that he declined her offer for a free advance on the bounty not because of her scars (of which he has his own, he tells her), but out of being faithful to his wife.
    • Moment of Awesome:
      • William Munny during the last fight scene.
      • Little Bill, lecturing to Beauchamp about how hard it is mentally to carry a gun, promptly pulls a gun out of a drawer and offers the writer to use it and help English Bob escape the jail. It's loaded. Demonstrates both Little Bill's hard-learned skill in reading other people - knowing Beauchamp wouldn't shoot - and his sadism by encouraging English Bob to get the gun from Beauchamp. It's when Bob sees Bill's grin turn into a sneer - and ready to pull his own gun to "shoot in self-defense" - that English Bob refuses the gun.
    • The Woobie: Delilah. When William Munny is trying to tell her she's still beautiful with scars while not betraying his late wife, you just feel so much for both of them.