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Spider: It begins.
Channon: What now?
Spider: Oh, we have to crank this up to Wagnerian proportions, Channon.

Yelana: The entire city is baying for his prick, for God's sake! How much worse can we make it?
Transmetropolitan #27, "Monstering!"
"Most speakers go up to ten, this one goes up to el-heaven"
Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report
"Why top eleven? Because I like to go one step beyond."
It's time to start taking this shit to the next level.
"Pokemon and balls are a heavenly match! Help us push our training all the way to eleven!"
Soccer Player Tony, Pokémon Black and White
"For $2000, I'll build you one that goes up to 12."
Smart engineer, Xkcd

Stupid Statement Dance Mix of Carl Sagan soundbites.