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Female.svg This troper is female.

SHE/HER This troper uses she/her pronouns.
220px-Asexual Pride Flag.png This Troper is Asexual
Flag of the United States.svg This troper is from the United States.

Lampshade-logo-smooth-slightly-bigger-RFS 8578.png This troper is (or was) a member of TV Tropes

trope This troper likes to edit Trope pages.

work This troper likes to edit Work pages.

Crystal Clear app kedit.png This troper likes to create new pages.

Nuvola apps package.png This troper likes to make userboxes.

Lisa Wohlgemuth.png This troper listens to Pop music.
Philips SBC MD 110.jpg This troper listens to Hip Hop music.
Jasanguitarcloseup.JPG This troper listens to Hard Rock music.
122px-The Temptations 1971.jpg This troper listens to R&B
Poi circles.jpg This troper listens to Trance music.

Tr909.jpg This troper listens to Techno music.

Odyssey3.jpg This troper listens to House Music.
Amazon Music logo.png This Troper visits from
Amazon Music.
Spotify logo with text.svg This Troper Listens to music on Spotify.

Google Play Music icon (2016).svg This Troper gets music from Google Play.
The GIMP icon - gnome.svg This troper uses GIMP.

File-Pu,94.jpg This troper likes to use Linux.

Vivaldiicon.png This troper uses Vivaldi.

FOSS This troper likes Free and Open Source software.

Calligrakrita-base.svg This Troper Uses Krita.

Google Chrome icon (September 2014).svg This troper uses Google Chrome

Windows logo - 2002–2012 (Multicolored).svg This troper uses Microsoft Windows.

Retro gamepad.svg This Troper enjoys Retro-Gaming

Steam logo 9107.gif This troper buys games on Steam.

Crystal Project computer.png This Troper Is a PC Gamer.
Selectedsim.jpg This Troper Likes To
Play Simulation Games
Freeciv-net-screenshot-2011-06-23.png This Troper Plays Browser Games.
Youtube-unofficial-small-icon.png This troper watches so many YouTube videos...

F icon.svg This troper has a Facebook account.

Twitter logo.jpg This troper uses Twitter

Reddit-alien 5722.jpg This troper is a member of Reddit.

Planet Dolan.jpeg This troper is a fan of Planet Dolan.
AVGN-small.JPG This troper is a fan of AVGN.

Spicegirlslogo.JPG This Troper is about Girl Power

Deviantart Logo.png This Troper is a member of DeviantART

ORANGE Wattpad Horizontal Logo.jpg This troper is a writer on Wattpad.
Archive of Our Own logo.png This troper is a writer on
Archive of Our Own
Dog Silhouette 01.svg This Troper Likes Dogs.

80px This Troper is a Cyclist or enjoying cycling.