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These pages might need more categories.

The page name itself should be a category (if it isn't, add [[Category:{{PAGENAME}}]] to the page), as should the type of page it is (work, trope, creator, useful note, etc.), so this list is effectively "pages with zero or one non-'mandatory' category". Pages with zero categories (such as redirects), disambiguation pages, subpages, and tropes are excluded.

For works, the medium of the work, the genre(s) of the work, and the vintage of the work (Category:Media by decade has a list) can be added as categories. For creators, the medium or media they create in and the genre(s) they create in can be added as categories. Added to the "mandatory" categories, this will take works and creators off of this list.

As mentioned above, Tropes have already been excluded from this list - unless they don't have the {{trope}} header, in which case please add it to any trope pages listed here. Useful Notes, Just for Fun pages, and wiki administration pages... might or might not end up remaining on this list.

Due to a software limitation, a maximum of 500 pages are listed. There are 500 pages on this list: