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Hi, welcome to my page. I'm a new contributor to All The Tropes, though I have some experiences with wiki editing since I'm trying to regularly update and contribute to another wiki (I said some because I'm not that well verse when it comes to adding stuff to the wiki). Though I'm new to forking Tv Tropes (and anything else for that matter) and would like the much needed hand in learning.

I like dinosaurs, anime/manga, books, comic books (If I can manage to borrow/ obtain them), and video games.

(Note to self: check these lists out: )

Tropes used in Jade Shauni include:

WikiFuna ID:

Platypus-sketch.jpg This troper is a WikiPlatypus.

Because, I doesn't have a set goal and what to specialize in, except to get things done. Plus, I'm also a blend of various WikiFaunas: a puppy (New to the whole wiki-ing and troping), janitor (cleans up and reports vandals to the admins/mods ((In another little wiki)), roadrunner (hops from one page/wiki to the other). Honorable mentions: An elf (Maybe. Wants to beautify the pages and will add the much needed ones) and a sloth (Maybe does this to other wikis).

Categories That I Hang Out Mostly:

SW This troper likes to edit Sugar Wiki pages.

Seems as though I keep on editing this category, when I'm not doing my other usual stuff. Looks like its the main one where I keep finding crazy stuff that needs repairing or adding.

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