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Can I ask you for $1?

We're 9 days into our 30 day campaign, and we've raised $537. That's fantastic! The idea of Orain, our message, our purpose - it means something. The belief that there can be a community led, a community ran, and a community funded website that's not ad-driven or profit based works.

Our community has believed in us from the beginning, and I firmly believe that our community will stand by us and continue to support us. It's okay if we don't reach our $5,000 goal. $5,000 was a best case scenario. $1,000 enables us to stay online another year. It enables us to keep looking at alternatives and other ways to stay online and cut costs. $500 halves that time and shortens our research ability. 11% of our goal is better than 0% of our goal.

I've made a pledge from the beginning. I've vowed to never force ads on this community for the purpose of keeping Orain alive. Ads are what separate us from the other farms we compete with. I will give my personal funds before I enable ads by force. Ads are a nuisance that you should have a voice in. We've toyed with and are developing the idea of individual wikis who want ads within their community. Some people can't donate a dollar, and that's okay. That's their way of giving and I'm down for that.

To the backers who have helped so far, Thank you!

If you haven't had a chance to donate so far, please please do. Your $1 will help make a difference in the WikiFarm world. You can help us stay online, free, and ad free.

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I apologize for spamming you like this, but I love Orain, I believe in Orain, and I want to fight to keep it alive. If you no longer want to receive urgent messages like these, please send me an email and I'll ensure that you're not bothered further.

With love,
Dustin "Dusti" Muniz
07:12, 14 January 2015 (GMT)

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If you're going to replace an existing page image...

Robkelk (talkcontribs)

... please put the old image onto the trope's Image Links subpage.

Robkelk (talkcontribs)


Reply to "If you're going to replace an existing page image..."

You've created a lot of recap pages for RWBY episodes...

Robkelk (talkcontribs)

Could I trouble you to add recaps to these recap pages, please? You've only listed tropes in the pages that you created ... which is all of the existing RWBY recap pages so far other than the trailer recap pages.

Goo Monster (talkcontribs)

I'd rather not. Going forward, I'm perfectly willing to not make recap pages if I'm supposed to include descriptions for them.

Robkelk (talkcontribs)

The whole point to the Recaps is the recaps.

Looney Toons (talkcontribs)

Exactly. Recap pages with recaps but no examples are far more preferable than recap pages with examples but no recaps.

Robkelk (talkcontribs)

There still aren't any recaps on those Recap pages. They'll be deleted on Tuesday if recaps aren't added.

Robkelk (talkcontribs)

I just got an out-of-band complaint: "Right now, Goo Monster is adding one-sentence summaries and deleting the Needs Recap template to recap pages he created, but this is not enough for a recap page."

I've gone back and reverted the edits where you only added one or two sentences. I know Wikipedia allows such short descriptions, but they aren't interested in tropes. Also, some of the tropes that you had put on the pages earlier mentioned scenes that weren't in the short descriptions that you added, so it was obvious that what you had added weren't actual recaps.

Reply to "You've created a lot of recap pages for RWBY episodes..."
Looney Toons (talkcontribs)

Please don't forget to pick a license when you upload images. "Fair Use" is always safe.


Robkelk (talkcontribs)

Especially in cases such as File:Canon vs fanon clownpiece.png - you said that it's "Used with permission", but you didn't say what the permission terms are and the link you provided doesn't say either. Which license are we using that image under: something casual that you received by email, something formal like the LGPL or a CC license, or something else?

We need to know these things, so that we don't have lawyers coming after us.

Goo Monster (talkcontribs)

If I say "Used with permission" then I either made a mistake and didn't notice, or I got permission. With the image you mentioned, I got permission via Deviant Art PM.

Me: "Can I use this image for a wiki?"

Reply: "Sure"

The permission I've received has always been like that, but might come with conditions that I haven't bothered (but probably should have) to specify, e.g. link to the creator or maybe I only asked to use it for a specific page and thus perhaps usage other than that requires new & broader permission.

There is a fuzzy case with File:Hand Maiden.jpg , so I'll bring that up in that file's talk section.

Robkelk (talkcontribs)


Goo Monster (talkcontribs)

No problem.

Goo Monster (talkcontribs)

Sometimes I assume I have permission if the creator says something that strongly indicates he/she is fine with people can distributing his/her work as they please (without approaching for permission first). For example:

Feel free to repost my art this is the internet, I'm not a cop
Robkelk (talkcontribs)

Yeah, that's good. We just need to have a copy of that here, is all.

Reply to "Hey, Goo?"
Looney Toons (talkcontribs)

I just saw you added this to your trope idea list. Would this be the same idea as Gale Force Sound, or something different?

Goo Monster (talkcontribs)

I'll delete it from the list

Reply to ""Sound Blows""
Looney Toons (talkcontribs)

I just read your page for the first time, and I noticed that you have a lot of "trope proposals" still listed that have actually been launched. Just so you know...

Reply to "Say, GM..."
GethN7 (talkcontribs)

Unless absolutely required, could you please use JPG format instead of PNG. I ask because PNG images tend to be larger and can increase page loads. It's not a hard rule of ATT, just a request from me.

Goo Monster (talkcontribs)


GethN7 (talkcontribs)

Uh, footnote. Only use JPG if it would be smaller than the PNG.

Goo Monster (talkcontribs)

The way I choose (quite recently, after I responded to this thread the first time infact) to convert files is using Preview to save a new version of a different format. I choose the highest quality JPG, which resulted in the new version having a larger file size than the old version. I did keep a copy of the old version though. Do you prefer I convert them a different way? If so, how?

GethN7 (talkcontribs)

To keep page loads down, I prefer the smallest picture that doesn't sacrifice any noticeable quality, so unless the quality loss is noticeable (in thumbnail view), please use the smaller image.

Hope I don't seem too nitpicky on this, but even though we aren't 504ing very much these days, we still can get some very slow page loads, and I'd rather no timeouts occur if we can avoid them.

Reply to "Image request"

Found and resolved the filter issues

Arcane (talkcontribs)

You should be able to post now.

Reply to "Found and resolved the filter issues"
GethN7 (talkcontribs)

Not that I'm complaining, thanks for creating it, but the name is kinda dull. I would called it something like "We Kicked Off This Index" or something witty.

Also, when creating an Index, use the Index Page template from the drop down menu when creating a new page to add all the appropriate templates and categories, like you see here.

BTW, we can't rename categories, but we can delete them and create a new one (and retag all the pages for the new one), so if you want to do that, let me know and I'll bot job all the pages from the old category to the new one.

Goo Monster (talkcontribs)

Lets do that. I think it should be a Combat Tropes subcategory. Here are the names I came up with (in order of preference, I did not take things like I Thought It Meant when making this order). Choose which name you think is best (what you choose doesn't have to be on the list) and use that:

  • This Index Will Kick Your Shit In
  • We Made This Index Just For Kicks
  • This Index Kicks Like A Mule

labster came up with "Category:Just for Kicks"

Also I'm okay with replacing the word "Index" with "Category" (I don't have a strong preference so choose which you prefer).

Labster (talkcontribs)

Index of Things You Get on Route 66

Goo Monster (talkcontribs)

That doesn't sound like it has anything to do with kicking.

Reply to "The Kicking Index"
Labster (talkcontribs)

The difference between |frame| and |thumb| in an image is that frame just puts a box around an image, while thumb resizes. With thumb, you usually want to specify a max size, like

For more, see Help:Images.

Reply to "Note"
TBeholder (talkcontribs)

I see "whether others interprete the names correctly" as part of the test for a trope, so...

A Side of Poison: Assuming it's about a character commenting on the poison in food in culinary terms (as affecting the taste or being part of recipe),

Lady Laurlaethee Shaurlanglar: ...That moonwine you drained oh so elegantly was laced with enough srindym to kill a dozen overambitious human magelings.
Elminster Aumar: Well, that's certainly blunt enough. Being a thirsty beast - and one of course quite devoid of proper manners, I wonder if I might have some more of this excellent wine. I believe the srindym improves it somewhat.

Father of a Thousand Bastards - again, FR:
  • Forgotten Realms got the King of Cormyr, Azoun IV, who became rather infamous for this. Quoth his Royal Magician's comment on seeing too many young nobles with familliar features at once - "Moderation, my liege?"
Goo Monster (talkcontribs)

The main reason I didn't explain them is I didn't want to make my page to big, which is pretty silly. I highly doubt anyone is going to get what I was going for with Release Me So I Can Gnaw On Your Bones, so I should probably put a brief description with some of them. I hoped most of them would have an intuitive enough name. A Side of Poison is a poisoned meal along side a container (usually a bottle) clearly labeled as poison being presented with the meal. For example in this music video by the band one eyed doll Something similar happened in the Adams Family (or maybe one of the movies) when the kids sell lemonade, the ingratiates shown are various poisons and a lemon.

Thanks for the father of Bastards example. I was thinking only of travelers for some reason like Julio Scoundrél. I read from a second hand source that Elminster (who I assume is a traveler) also qualifies. I was thinking too narrow though.

Reply to "proto-proposals"