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Thank you for your recent contributions to the wiki, but I've had to roll back or reject outright several of your recent edits because they were lifted word-for-word from TV Tropes. As I know Rob has told you already, we cannot legally use material posted at TV Tropes after June 2012 -- no matter how small a passage it is -- because of our incompatible licenses. For more detail and specific explanations of what you can and cannot do, please see our Copyrights page.

Please note that per section 2.3 of How We Do Bans Around Here, repeated copyright violation is grounds for a tempban. I'll cut you a little slack and consider all of today's incidents as a single violation (even though some of them happened after Rob informed you of the legal situation), but per that policy you get a formal warning: Any further acts of copyright violation -- whether they get past moderation into the wiki or not -- will result in you being tempbanned for at least two weeks. And the chances of you getting autopatrolled and automoderated status have dropped to zero for the foreseeable future -- we will be checking every edit you make to make sure they are legal and do not threaten the wiki.

Please reply in this thread to confirm that you understand why you got this warning, what we want you to do in the future, and the consequences if you continue to violate the law.

Thank you.

-- Looney Toons, admin

CC: @Labster, @Robkelk, @QuestionableSanity, @Derivative, @SelfCloak, @GethN7

HDev411 (talkcontribs)


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