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I saw your blog post "Dear Geth, I found ways that we can improve All The Tropes."

Robkelk (talkcontribs)

Since Geth isn't available right now (and we hope that he'll be back soon!), I guess one of the other mods gets to reply, so...

"[A] lot of the articles here seem exactly like the versions on TV Tropes" Well, yes - we don't have anywhere near as many Tropers as they do, so we spend a lot more time per person on things other than updating the pages that we were legally allowed to copy from The Other Tropes Wiki. If you want to see some diversity in the tropes, please encourage other people to trope here so that we have more time to look at the older pages.

"But I think a huge improvement would be to do without the enormous copyright rules that completely hampers the site from progressing." Changing those rules would definitely change the site - it would get the site shut down altogether in legal proceedings. Our options are "live with the rules we have under the license terms in effect" or "get sued"; we cannot take a third option because there is no third option to take.

We're happy to accept content that isn't cut-and-paste from TV Tropes - that kind of content helps us separate All The Tropes from TV Tropes’ shadow and develop a stronger unique identity.

Umbire the Phantom (talkcontribs)

I had some comments on my own, but I'll stick to what Geth hasn't already covered where I can:

"First, this site could possibly do with some sourcing guides. Not everything should be strictly sourced like Wikipedia, but if a troper were to make a bold factual statement, some links to what exactly they’re referencing might be nice." The onus is already on an editor to not just slap in any old manufactured example, and nothing stops other tropers from challenging and/or correcting such additions if they were doubtful of the veracity (there ARE templates that explicitly ask for context or clarification on time period, for example).

"I think separating All The Tropes from TV Tropes’ shadow would help a lot. Realistically, this site is never going to overtake TV Tropes and otherwise it may always just be known as “that other trope wiki”." The thing is, the genesis of All The Tropes is as a TVTropes fork; overtaking TVT doesn't strike me as the primary goal to begin, so much as it is providing an alternative environment for troping where discussion can be meaningfully had without admins using authority-based fiat to control the narrative in any given manner.

"I believe many people turned away from All The Tropes the instant they saw the rules about bringing stuff from TV Tropes." In all fairness, looking to copy content wholesale from another site would be considered poor form anyhow - and such should be perfectly understandable from the viewpoint of wanting ATT to be a more distinct entity.

I saw your blog post "Not enough pages are up to date."

Robkelk (talkcontribs)

I see that you're concerned that many of the wiki's pages are not up to date. Thanks, that's a good attitude to have!

Could you update the pages that you've found, please?

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