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Your edits on Kid Icarus: Uprising/Game Breaker

Robkelk (talkcontribs)

@Master Knight DH, I see that you have effectively undone an edit that was made by a moderator in accordance with this wiki's Style Guide (specifically All The Tropes:Style Guide#Italics, Boldface, and Other Emphasis).

This is the edit in question.

The discussion on the page's discussion page shows that the moderator in question gave you a short explanation, which did not include a link to the style guide. You called the explanation an ad hominem attack. (As an aside, please see Ad Hominem for a definition of what an ad hominem attack actually is.)

You are free to disagree with a mod. You are not free to ignore the wiki's Style Guide or any other rule that has been reached by consensus. If you want this rule (or any other rule) changed, please start a discussion on the wiki's Forum proposing the change. There is a link to the ATT Forums in the left-hand menu of every wiki page, under "Troping Utilities".

Since the moderator in question did not provide a link to the Style Guide in the explanation, I am going to treat this as a honest mistake. However, we have now pointed out the honest mistake, and "repeatedly making the same honest mistake after it's been pointed out" is grounds for a temporary block from editing on the wiki, according to All The Tropes:How We Do Bans Around Here. Please treat this as the warning required by that guideline.

@Labster @GethN7 @Looney Toons @QuestionableSanity @Derivative @SelfCloak

SelfCloak (talkcontribs)

@Master Knight DH On the unofficial Discord, I made the mistake of suggesting to keep the caps on, but even then you were only interested in keeping the edit as is.

Robkelk (talkcontribs)

Definitely an honest mistake, then, since a mod suggested it.

Master Knight DH (talkcontribs)

The only thing I see is the administration being completely uptight about grammar on a subjective trope, being unpleasant in my direction, and demanding respect for their power instead of earning it. Sorry, but Moving The Goalposts is not cool and it's the exact same bull we're supposed to call out vanilla TV Tropes for.

Robkelk (talkcontribs)

I don't see how Moving the Goalposts applies. According to the page history on the Style Guide page, the written rules about this have remained the same since April 8 - no goalposts have been moved.

And I put my name on that page a month ago as the contact person to ask about the style rules. I don't recall getting any questions from anybody, mod or not, about the style rules since I did that.

GethN7 (talkcontribs)

@Master Knight DH After reviewing this situation as a third party, while, granted, you got some crossed signals, for which I duly apologize, you bear some responsibility for flying off the handle and immediately reaching for the "the mods are tyrants" escape hatch.

First off, miscommunication can be handled, and the mod who did so apologized for their error. As for you, we are a bit specific about grammar because we want our edits to look good, that is not a slight against you, the rule applies to us all. Second, if you really think this place is that bad, you are free to leave, we are not going to throw you out unless you go out of your way to give us cause, and unless you decide to continue losing your temper, such cause does not exist yet.

With that in mind, if you want to come back after you've calmed down and are willing to discuss these matters calmly, I'm sure we can meet each other halfway in future disputes.

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