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Thank you for your recent contributions, but...

Looney Toons (talkcontribs)

... you have uploaded four files today -- MaskLuteHende.png, Rosalyn.png, Estoria.png and Serebria.png -- without lot of information we are legally required to have or request as terribly useful. The most important of these are the license terms under which we can use these images. Please see the page All The Tropes:Uploading and Adding an Image to a Page, particularly the section "Licensing".

We really need you to provide at the very least the licensing information for these images. URLs to where they came from would be great, too, in case we have another instance where we lose images like has happened to us once before.

Can you please take care of this in the next 48 hours or so? (Say, by 9 PM EDT on 3 July?) If you don't we'll have to delete all those images to protect the wiki from legal liability.

Thank you!

-- Looney Toons, admin

CC: @Labster, @GethN7, @Robkelk, @QuestionableSanity, @Derivative, @SelfCloak

GethN7 (talkcontribs)

I decided to be nice and add the bare minimum you needed, but next time, please do so on your own.

If you are uploading images from a copyrighted series (that is not in the public domain), at the very least add a "fair use" license for the image. There is a drop down Licensing selection on the upload window, make sure this license is selected before making future uploads.

NekoHybrid (talkcontribs)

Huh? I don’t really get it...

GethN7 (talkcontribs)
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