Video Credits

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At the beginning of the Closing Credits, a short clip of each of the major characters is shown and caption shows the actor's name. The clips are usually from scenes earlier in the show/film, but sometimes they might be extra footage.

Examples of Video Credits include:

Films -- Animation

Films -- Live-Action

Live-Action TV

  • A fair number of BBC sitcoms (all written by David Croft) of the '70s and '80s, including:
    • Dads Army
    • Allo Allo
    • Hi-de-Hi!—though the actors are not in character. This is particularly noticable with Diane Holland (who plays snobbish Yvonne) and Leslie Dwyer (who plays miserable old man Mr Partridge) as both actors generally beam happily in the credits.
    • Are You Being Served: Since the episodes are practically teleplays, the clips are of the actors—sometimes not in-character—after completing the episode.
    • And even into the '90s with Grace And Favour (a.k.a. Are You Being Served Again), You Rang, M'Lord?, and Oh Doctor Beeching (about the last series to use them).
  • Skins (series finale only)
  • Many MTM sitcoms did this for the supporting cast and guest stars, including The Bob Newhart Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
  • Miranda does it too, as a loving parody of the sitcoms of the 70s, although there is No Fourth Wall during them, and the actors wave to the camera.
  • Done in Ashes to Ashes. Set to heart-warming music the finale credits feature clips of the characters laughing and smiling. All the more touching as you realise just how little they did it and the overly devastating theme of the final episode.
  • Many of the intros to Only Fools and Horses did this with the three main characters.