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    • No Export for You: At least with regard to streaming anime, anyway. For nearly a decade, Viz Media was the only major anime distributor in North America that did not provide any on-demand streams of its anime offerings to Canada, preferring to do business with the US-exclusive Hulu. Canadians can find a handful of their shows on Netflix, but often in an incomplete state. Not until Tubi TV began streaming several Viz titles—albeit to date not all of them—had the company attempted a proper work-around for Canadians, leaving them to just Keep Circulating the Tapes of Viz's titles for that near-decade.
      • For some reason, some of the movies they've dubbed and released haven't gotten Blu-Ray releases in the US, even though they have the HD masters to put on digital services, and it's been years since the Japanese ones were released. The main ones being the three Naruto movies and the first two Bleach movies. They finally released the first Shippuden movie on Blu-Ray in October 2017, so maybe they'll release the others.