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Voyagers! was a short-lived Science Fiction TV show from the 1982-1983 broadcast season. It told the story of Phineas Bogg (played by Jon-Erik Hexum), a man who works as a "Voyager": a member of a mysterious group of people who travel through time and make sure history is the way it should be. Unlike in other Time Travel series, there was no clear reason why history was changing. The series was meant as a way to subtly teach history to the target audience. In the pilot episode, Bogg is joined in his travels by Jeffery Jones (played by Meeno Peluce), a young boy from the 1980s (who is something of a history expert) after Bogg loses his Voyager's manual; Bogg had failed to pay enough attention during his training and didn't know what to do without the book.

Compare and Contrast Time Squad.

The program ran for one season on NBC (1982-1983). Unfortunately, most people's awareness of the show is due to the unfortunate accidental death of Jon-Eric Hexum after the show had been canceled. (While on the set of his next series, Cover Up, he shot himself in the head with a pistol loaded with blanks as a joke, and died of a skull fracture.)

Tropes used in Voyagers! include: