Wacky Homeroom

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Often, when a show centers around a particular class, the teacher and the students have distinctly quirky personalities. Sometimes the focus of the series is more on the teacher, and sometimes it's more on the student; one way or another, though, people in Real Life can only wish their classes were this colorful. Or not. It depends.

By default, this will almost always be the case in schools with "unorthodox" studies, like the Academy of Adventure, Hero Academy, and especially an All Ghouls School.

Examples of Wacky Homeroom include:

Anime and Manga

Comic Books

  • In The Beano, the Bash Street Kids all had distinct personalities. Of course, there were only 9 of them.
  • Peanuts fit this trope when they have scenes in school.


  • Hogwarts is all about this.
  • The Wayside School series, originally a set of books by Louis Sachar and since animated.
  • Susan Sto Helit is a proper young woman, who is entirely sober and rational and will not stand for even the usual amounts of silliness that a child usually displays. Her class is extremely well-behaved and sensible. She just happens to take them on literal trips through time and space without ever leaving the classroom. Because she's Death's granddaughter. But she keeps her past so quiet that her employer is surprised even to find out that she is a Duchess.
    • Having said that, a few students do have personalities that push them into Wacky Homeroom territory: Vincent the overachiever, Penelope the Brainless Beauty, and Jason the Enfant Terrible.
  • Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan takes place in a high school that, among other things, have cheerleaders who do their routines on motorcycles.
  • During the late eighties, Scholastic had a YA book series called Homeroom. As it was Exactly What It Says on the Tin, it followed the misadventures of an 8th grade homeroom. It had all the stock YA characters: the Alpha Bitch, Jerk Jock, Cool Loser, The Cheerleader, etc.

Live Action TV

  • Head of the Class
  • Welcome Back, Kotter
  • Seven Periods With Mr Gormsby
  • Brazilian show "Escolinha do Professor Raimundo" (and its more recent copycats) is (and are) centered around one such homeroom(s).
  • Misaki Number One
  • Saved by the Bell focused on one set of students and no main teachers, but they somehow always shared the same classes, subverting this trope. The first season however, played it completely straight since it was originally called Good Morning Miss Bliss and took place mostly inside one classroom.

Video Games

Web Comics

Western Animation