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Season 1

Episode 1

  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot has a fellow reading a "gentleman's magazine" while in the outhouse.

Episode 4

  • The little creature that checks to see if people trying to enter the tower are ugly princesses "scans" the guys by grabbing onto their faces; but when it gets to Evangelyne, it latches onto her chest instead -- and Amalia has to tell it to stop just as it begins to hover over her backside...
  • Also after Amalia and Yugo get Dragoturkey dung poured over them at the princesses' bath:

Amalia: Right, but be quick! If they notice we'll really be deep in... well, even more than now.


Episode 8

  • Chochanna, the beautiful and popular female baker, dances between Parent Service and this trope. Besides much attention being paid to her "buns", when she winks at the male announcer during the baking contest, he gives us this little gem: "Now there's someone who can bake my baguette!".
  • At the end of the same episode, the heroes are rewarded with a huge breakfast, and Sadlygrove tries shoving a whole baguette filled with jam in his mouth: under the pressure, the jam spurts on Amalia's face in a suggestive manner.

Episode 9

  • When Ruel rummages through his belongings in the Havresac, he pulls out a bra twice.
  • Notice the "strange" positioning of Sadlygrove's right arm when he and Eva are unconscious.

Episode 10

  • Evangelyne and Amalia are shopping, and naturally they check out clothes. Evangelyne is waiting while Amalia is in the changing room. When the princess comes back, she stands in profile to a pair of melons in the foreground (chest high). She asks for Evangelyne's opinion about a piece of clothing, to which Eva comments, "too revealing". Curse you melons, curse you! (How is that possible to be more revealing than what she normally wears, we will never know.)
  • Just before the Bontarian Gobbowl match, amongst the items thrown on the field by the spectators are several pieces of female underwear. In the last episode of the arc, when Yugo scores, you can see Kabrok running naked on the field behind the cowgirls riding Gobbals. Later in the episode, when Ruel is left powerless as the other team starts cheating, the audience proceeds to throw vegetables at him, and on four frames, you can see a penis-shaped carrot flying over him. At the end of the arc, Eva has a romantic dinner with Jay and kisses him on the cheek before leaving: Jay's hair also rises.

Episode 17

  • Sadlygrove builds a snowman to which he adds two big, round snowballs with the comment "They should be a bit bigger... like this", and then brings them into form with subtle movements. Said snowman is not seen until the next scene, where it's shown that he carefully modeled its eyes.

Episode 18

Episode 19


Ruel: What matters in love is finding the shoe that fits!
Sadlygrove: Huh?
Ruel: Or if you prefer, finding a sheath for a sword.

  • When Eva is cradling Grovy in her arms, he briefly checks out her chest.
  • The broken bow is a disturbing, non-fanservice example. Poor Eva feels broken, stays in her room with her best girlfriend, blames herself even though it was not her fault... She reacts like a rape victim. Sadlygrove's guilt just reinforces this.

Episode 20

  • The baby Drheller that Ruel adopts is named Kamasu-Tar. Yes, that's one letter away from you-know-what. Granted, "kamas" is this world's currency, so the name makes sense in context, but the pun stays valid.

Episode 22

Season 2

Episode 8

  • This one has possibly the series' largest case, to the point where, as noted in Parent Service on the main page, most viewers except young children will pick up the subtext.
    • Basically, the girls refuse to strip down in front of the others even though they promise not to look, a situation in itself that's Getting Crap Past the Radar... when Sadlygrove retorts that he's already seen Evangelyne naked, and it wasn't a dream (ruling out the hallucination from episode 22), with Evangelyne quickly trying to shut him up and telling everyone that he's just mistaken while Grovy tries to interject. And if that wasn't enough, Word of Tot confirms that yes, the two are in a physical relationship, just in case you had any shred of doubt left.
    • In the same scene, Evangelyne appears to have a camel toe.

Episode 10

  • The creepy salesman with the coat rather happily advertising his wares. (The scene is also shot from an very interesting angle...)

Episode 11

  • A man passes by what appears to be a brothel at the beginning of the episode.
  • When Evangelyne and Sadlygrove have a moment, as had been typical for Season 2... only this time Eva is a Gender Bender and is now the male "Evangelion"... while the audience stares in shock.
  • Although the focus switches in mid-transformation, right before the viewers can see anything interesting, when "Amalius" turns back into a topless Amalia, Yugo and Ruel get an eyeful before she can grab her shield to cover herself.

Episode 12

  • Maude's gobbowl attack destroys a very suggestive poster.

Episode 13

  • The rude Pandiego de la Vega basically tells Amalia and Yugo to stop making out with tongues during their tearful reunion.

Episode 14

  • The female Sadida singer recreates the interrogation scene from Basic Instinct.
  • When dropping into the bath, Amalia's chest briefly dodges around her foreground censor.

Episode 18

  • When Sadlygrove is unable to make Rubilax bigger in front of Cléophée, he claims to her, "I'm sorry, this is the first time this has happened to me".
  • And just after, when he notices the Anti-Magic device, he comments, "Another of that thing? We're gonna end up in our undies again." This is a Call Back to episode 8, but taken out of context...
  • Also, most of the following comments about Evangelyne's reluctance to fight are rife with not-too-subtle innuendos... basically calling her a "cold fish".

Episode 19

  • It might be Accidental Innuendo, but Amalia comments that all Grovy wants to do is "play around with his big sword".

Episode 20

  • Pretty much the entire scene of Cléophée "helping" Sadlygrove get over his sea sickness was past the radar. Though it was quite funny that her own sister wanted to shoot her because of it.

Episode 25

  • When Rushu reveals his true form to be slightly taller than an average human, Salygrove suggests he was "Compensating for Something".