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    Walpurgia is an ongoing Web Serial Novel written by Otneimica that can be found on Fanfiction.net.

    Walpurgia is a fantasy kingdom where witches control everything. The nine Cardinal Witches are the most powerful of them all, and they each lord over a territory of the kingdom. Unfortunately, they care nothing for their people and abuse their power all the time. As a result, Walpurgia's one of the most dysfunctional kingdoms in the world. But there's one witch in the kingdom with the power to change that...

    Her name is Umbra, and she's the self-proclaimed tenth Cardinal Witch. Calling herself the "Cardinal Witch of Darkness", Umbra has a bone to pick with her "colleagues". Umbra means to exact revenge on the Cardinal Witches for how they mistreated her in the past. But what Umbra doesn't know is her quest for will end up revealing many, many secrets. Not only those that surround Walpurgia and the Cardinal Witches...

    But those that surround herself, as well.

    Walpurgia can be read here.

    Tropes used in Walpurgia include:
    • Anyone Can Die: Considering she refuses to let anyone stand in her way, Umbra will likely end up mowing through a lot of people. And that doesn't even get into the casualties the Cardinal Witches cause on a daily basis...
    • Big Bad: Himmela, whose status gives her the honor of being on the top of Umbra's hit list.
    • Crapsack World: Walpurgia is an immutable one. The common folk know how miserable their home is and try to make it better, but the ruling class (a.k.a. witches) kibosh their efforts all the time. This is why Umbra only cares about Knock-Turn Woods, as she knows the kingdom in general will never change.
    • The Dreaded: The Cardinal Witches. Everyone fears them, with Umbra being one of the very few brave enough to defy them, let alone go on a quest to kill them all.
    • Extreme Omnivore: The Expressos, which have no problem eating whomever or whatever Umbra orders them to.
    • Gag Penis: All Bestia's monsters have one. Magnum takes Up to Eleven by having one that's so big the narrative describes it as being "thick as a tree truck".
    • The Jeeves: Macchiato, who serves as Umbra's voice of reason.
    • No Body Left Behind: Invoked by Umbra through her Expressos, which eat all her victims.
    • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Umbra's plan in a nutshell: she wants to kill the Cardinal Witches for the way they treated her in the past.
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