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"I just surfed a Robo-Dracula from the moon, so y'alls can just take it."

Dr. McNinja, flipping off a baby everyone in the area.

Sometimes, when reading a webcomic, you can sense something really cool is about to happen.

Do not forget to use the spoiler tag on some of these if it gives away too much!



Lucas: Yeah, I'd tell you to fuck yourself, but I wouldn't want to put "Towelie McNaked" in there out of a job.


Dan: I learned to read minds. Among other things.


Gandalf: We cannot hope to achieve victory through strength of arms... but we can give Frodo a ch-
Aragorn: Yeah I'm sure you've got a great plan and everything, but I'm the King here. I run stuff now. And I say we're going on the offensive. We're going to take our army and march to Sauron's castle. And then we're going to beat on him until he cries like a little girl.

  • Dresden Codak: "No more handouts." Kimiko finally gets over her Daddy issues.
  • Pretty well every major character (and some minor ones) in Errant Story has had at least one CMOA in the near-ten-year life of the comic, and some have several.
    • Sarine just about has this trope as her hat, but this one, if you know the story, is pretty hard to top.
    • Meji gets a pretty good one too, as she passes her final exam (or would if Professor Yukiri wasn't such a hardass).
    • Even Misa, who's protected by her fellow elves from ever possibly having a CMOA (although she doesn't exactly see it that way), gets her opportunity (which also qualifies as another Sarine CMOA) during the final fight with Ian.
  • Does nobody know about the existence of the comic Ever After? One of these happened in the first issue, Little Red Riding Hood kills an army with a saw, chopping one guard in half at one point (The guard in question had two shields), and as soon as reinforcements arrive, she kills them all, fast.
    • Although when she was going to kill Humpty, she was knocked out by Puss in Boots, she lost a few points.
    • But Mr. Boots himself got some points for managing to knock her out.
  • Lothar Hex of Exterminatus Now manages to have a CMOA without even needing to be conscious during a particularly heavy night. "You can't prove I ate that baby!"
    • An even better example in this comic. The most obvious joke they could have made in this comic, used for the only time so far for the most amazingly badass moment ever.
      • This is even more awesome because it's a Chekhov's Gun. One of the earliest strips had the set up, but subverted it with Virus Breaking the Fourth Wall to say, "Nah, we're not gonna do the Python bit yet. Maybe next time," with the payoff coming four years later.
      • Hell that whole section of the comic was a moment of awesome. The crew are attacked by two dragons and Lothar, uncharacteristically, pushes the rest of the gang to safety and takes the full brunt of the fireball himself... the awesomeness continues as the gang reacts in horror to the horrific burning of Lothars... hat. Which hits his Berserk Button and makes him tear the two dragons to pieces by his lonesome in a Gory Discretion Shot.
      • And later on there's Eastwoods "rebuttal" to a gloating Sylas Morths Hannibal Lecture.
  • Has anyone read the comic The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon? So many CMOA
  • Fans Lord Feral stands up to Bugs Bunny, Checkerboard Nightmare, Ambush Bug, and Deadpool for nearly a whole minute. Give that man a medal.
  • Many, many throughout Flintlocke's Guide to Azeroth, but this exchange is worthy.

Flintlocke: RAMMING SPEED!
Blackrose: What are we ramming?
Flintlocke: EV'RYTHING!

  • Friendly Hostility: Leslie Rudd gets several throughout the pirates arcs, including his "who hates their mother more" competition with Collin, and blasting his travelling companions awake with Motorhead and informing them that he had found the pirates pretty much overnight.

Collin: My mom hasn't spoken to me for three years.
Leslie: Ha. My mom tried to sell me for two bags of heroin when I was six.


King: "This would be so awesome if I didn't wet myself."

    • There is no way to describe how awesome Spot (superdog)'s appearance in their Pridelands "game" is.
  • From How I Killed Your Master: "I had never seen the Five Mantis Fists before."
  • Inherit the Earth Anyone else want to be captain?
  • Jack: Jack's revenge on Drip after the latter's actions towards Fnar made the former very, very pissed off. Mmmm, near-complete destruction of one's physical existence bar one tiny bit to keep the rest from regenerating.
    • It is established early on that physical displays of affection from an angel can heal Jack's damaged memory. This leads to the following exchange when the Angel Reckonin', despite just having had his wings torn off gets frustrated enough with Jack's emo angst to decide that Jack needs to stop moping about and remember and face his past.

Reckonin': Stand up, Jack. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that there are many ways to physically show someone that you care for them...
Jack: I don't understand w-
Reckonin': [Punches Jack in the Face] STOP YOUR DAMNED WHINING!!


Cypress: "You don't have the option to refuse."
White Noise: "Sure I do. Watch me."

      • And then White finally picks his lieutenant at random. He picks Qin Xu, who happens to be the only vampire (besides Jigsaw) on the show. Given that he was being told to pick Arikos otherwise, maybe it wasn't as random as it seemed.
  • How did The Mansion of E celebrate its seventh anniversary? By having a character reveal himself to be the local version of Satan and taser a bitch.
  • minus playing baseball with the gods.
  • A Miracle of Science Several, including the main characters re-entering the atmosphere of Mars...without a ship. And surviving. While using giant wings of fire to slow their descent. Also, the finale: due to his wounds, Benjamin barely has the strength to stand, but gets up anyway just so he can fulfill the Chase Scene requirement of the memetic track. In other words: the Big Bad's been beaten, he's surrounded, but he's at the point of his mad science mental illness where he needs a Chase Scene to properly play it out. Without one, he'll probably go permanently insane or at least be harder to treat - if he doesn't decide to go out in a blaze of glory. So Benjamin risked permanent injury or death just to save the guy who's been trying to kill him. And does so in an incredibly badass manner, natch.
    • The best thing about the giant wings of fire? It was completely unnecessary. She only did it to impress her partner. It worked.
    • "That noise, gentlemen... is the sound of CONQUEST!" (Link contains a big spoiler.)
    • Don't ever piss off Martian tech. Just don't.
      • For the record, that is basically an airport metal detector. Well, a spaceport Martian detector... made from parts supplied by Martians.
  • Mob Ties Never underestimate the power of the wedgie.
  • MS Paint Adventures: Problem Sleuth. It only takes around 40 "screens" before the first CMOA happens, and then it only goes up from there Ace Dick literally plays the game of LIFE with death, and becomes a Punisher Rip-off in game
    • Triple Truffle Shuffle. 'Nuff said. (Hit "Next" a few times.)
    • Nervous Broad gets one during the fight with Madame Murel when she finishes her combination Comb Rave with Hysterical Dame by setting her knife on fire and throwing it between the madame's eyes. Damn.
    • Aw, to hell with it. The entirety of Chapter 22 (Which, incidentally, is called "Sepulchritude") is made of sheer awesome and epic. Check it out here with extra Ominous Latin Chanting thrown in for good measure.
  • MS Paint Masterpieces, a webcomic retelling of Mega Man, has a few:
    • Mega Man countering the Time Stopper, then giving Quick Man a Groin Attack while in a Humoungus Mecha.
    • Polka using Reset Mode.
    • Enker revealing he's made from the same material used to make Mets.
      • ...and soon after, Mega Man figuring out how to defeat him; declaring, "I'm gonna kill you to pieces."
    • And then there's Quint...for the plain and simple fact that he's a time-displaced Evil Twin of Mega Man who fights with a nuclear powered pogo stick...and he's easily one of the most threatening characters in the strip.
      • Of course, we've seen excellent use of the pogo stick before when Rock uses it to land a solid hit on Allegro.
    • As of strip #903: Never under any circumstances, lie to Mega Man. Especially after he's copied most of your powers. Unless of course, you want another demonstration of how awesome he is. He decapitated Crash Man, the walking arsenal in quick succession, and is already moving in on Wood Man. Heck, taking on Six Robot Master's at once all by his lonesome is probably good enough.
    • And during the first storyline, Mega Man telling Wily to shut up mid-speech. Totally awesome, especially with his admission that the every single fight he'd been through, he'd been making it up as he went along.
    • Electric Man is made of this.
    • During Allegro's attack against Dr. Light's labratory Rock fights and defeats him in lab assistant form, because "Mega Man's been gone for a decade. He's not coming back just for you."
  • Nature of Nature's Art has its share - hardly surprising, since it's a martial arts comic. Examples by arc:
  • Nerf Now! gives us Mario's comeback.
  • Piffany disabling an evil cleric in Nodwick. With smily faces. Actually, that needs more emphasis. Piffany, who isn't the sharpest axe in the armory (actually, more of a staff), defeats a priestess of the darker powers by COVERING SAID PRIESTESS IN GOSH-DARNED SMILY FACES.
  • Penny and Aggie: The strip that catapulted Jack from bit player to Ensemble Darkhorse. (Warning: MASSIVE spoiler.)
  • Pv P's Brent takes up golfing. Notable for coming on the heels of a major plot event of his own, and quite a reversal from his usual curmudgeonly personality.
  • Real Life Comics: Pretty much every strip in this arc from this one out.
  • Rock, Paper, Cynic has a few of these, however, examining the Author Note of 'The Claus' reveals the message, "Lock your doors. He's coming."
  • RPG World has it's 500th strip, aptly named Conversation Interrupted. It's too cool for words.
  • From Sam and Fuzzy: Through the entire run of the comic, Sam has been utterly incompetent, at one point managing to dislocate his arm merely by waving. Through a series of events too crazy to go into detail on, he became the only person who can become the Ninja Emperor and revive the Ninja Empire. Once Sam created a ruling council, Blankface was planning to kill him and make it look like an accident. And then this comic happened.
  • Shortpacked The story where Les gets kidnapped. After beating her location out of Faz, Amber tries to convince her that it's too dangerous and she should give up. Robin's response? Let's do this poop. She then picks up a toy foam sword and proceeds to own three douches in short order, get Walter Mondale to quit, and after a beat down by Sarah Palin, gets back up and gives her a colonoscopy Faz-styled. All in the setting of the Shortpacked store which is dark because it's pre-opening hours.
    • And all in one panel.
    • Then she beats Sydney Yus. With Fridge Logic
      • Actually, not burning down the store made sense because then Galasso would have collected the insurance and rebuilt the store. Although, Sydney didn't think of that so it was fridge logic at the time.

Robin: Did... did I save my lesbian?
Mike: No. She died.
Amber: Yes Robin. You saved them. And you saved the store.
Robin: Th'n that was purty kickass. Tell my Tale to those who ask. Tell it truly, th' ill deeds along wit' th' good. And let me be judged 'cordingly. Though, if y' embellished it wit' a hot threesome 'r somethin', that'd be cool.

    • The robber arc.

Galasso: First mistake: Never tell Galasso what to do. Second Mistake: Never assume a man does not have ninjas at his disposal.
So after you were shot, Ronnie got up and disarmed the robber himself. With patriotism.
Robber: As he is loaded into an ambulance IT WAS REAGAN, I TELL YOU! RONALD REAGAN BROKE MY LEGS!

    • Straw Vulcans, take note: this is how a real scientist handles emotions.
    • Dude, go Amber! She tells off Faz, beats up Ninja Rick, and yells at Reagan.
      • Faz's line just before the showdown. This troper didn't even know one could talk dirty to a girl in Spock Speak...
    • The last two panels of this strip are definitely another win for Amber.
    • The actual phrase "Crowning Moment of Awesome" is used in this strip. The walls of fiction and reality are breaking down! I don't know what to believe any more!
    • Mike, MIKE, has an Even Evil Has Standards moment with the aptly named Asshole Guy. Yeah he's a lot crueler than anybody else in the comic, but at least he cops to it.
  • Slightly Damned gives us Cliff and Duster's Siara Special.
  • The most epic "polar" bear ever, brought to you by Spiked Math
  • Starslip: WEAR IT LIKE A HAAAAAT!! Both a Crowning Moment of Awesome and a Crowning Moment Of Mundane Made Awesome.
    • Also when Katarakis sabotaged the disarming of the Jupiter bomb. To record the discovery of the bomb, and make Deep Time set it off early, he CARVED IT ON HIS CHEST.
    • Take us to Starslip For those who are unfamiliar. The last several years Mennon has been trying to get back to a worldline where he saved Jovia. He abused a stable timeloop to give him more processing time to find the path back. He just let is go so he can save his family and friends and EARN not scheme a way to his love.
    • LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD The spine of the Cosmos, in Context
  • Terinu Teri blows up the Cannon Ship's power core. While he's strapped into it.
    • Rufus, on life support and dying of a virus decimating all Vulpine, snarls in his doctor's face to let him try the cure first, rather than risk an untested vaccine on Melika.
    • Teri again, backstabbing Princess Titalia's personal guard and holding a knife to her throat to get the cure for the above.
  • Thunderstruck: Grant Grogan's death scene. Also, just about any time Saxony does one of his magic tricks.
  • In This page of Triquetra Cats, a villain's CMoA (taking down M-P in a matter of minutes) is met with one from Vyolette as she morphs into a full demon form
  • Recently in Twokinds, Laura, the pacifist, gets one by using the General's magic focus as a garrote.
  • Unshelved's Buddy the Book Beaver, library page, gets one in this Unshelved strip. Unless you prefer this one, also awesome.
  • In User Friendly, Pitr shows us EXACTLY how much of a not-really-very-evil-genius he can be by:
    • Cloning Cthulhu.
    • Selling these clones to make millions of dollars.
    • Spending the money on a flight into space.
    • Hijacking the rocket and flying to the moon.
    • Using magnetic powder to turn the moon into an image of his face.
  • Quincy Tinkle gets his Crowning Moment early on in Wigu when explaining why the roly-poly that hospitalized his son does not exist anymore
  • Wondermark: In which Salvation is summoned.
  • The Wotch This The Wotch comic and the asskicking that ensued after it.
  • The Zombie Hunters Charlie's single-handed rescue of Katie. As summed up by Sammie: "And FUCK, Charlie! You punch zombies in the FACE! Like, in the face! There should be an award for that!"
  • Terror Island. This strip.

"Any last words before we catapult you, impostor?"
"Yes. You are all getting sleepy."

  • In Joe and Monkey during an particularly dramatic arc involving the kidnapping of Megan the main characters little sister by an Child killer [and possible rapist] Kleptobot hunts down the kidnapper and rescues the Chloroformed Megan. and Monkey then drives the Kidnapper to insanity.


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