Where the Wild Things Are (film)

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Where the Wild Things are is a 2009 adaptation of the children's book by Maurice Sendak, directed by Spike Jonze.

Max is an angry little boy in a wolf costume who is very intelligent, but resents that his sister feels too old to spend time with him and that his mother's life is too busy to give him the attention he desires. This causes a conflict that ends with him running away to an island populated by semi-feral monsters who crown him king out of a need for someone to take care of them and their emotional needs. Unlike in the book, the monsters all have their individual characteristics and personalities that are usually in some way a reflection of portions of Max's personality. Although Max tries his best, eventually he realizes he loves the monsters but cannot be the leader or parent they need and returns home to his mother with a better appreciation of what she goes through.

Tropes used in Where the Wild Things Are (film) include: