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    A WikiFauna (or UserFauna) is a characterization tropers may use to further convey something about themselves that other tropers may find helpful to understand in regards to their editing style as a troper and as a wiki troper in general. Akin to animism, where non-human entities embody some kind of life-principle, the WikiFauna characterization usually is attached to a fictional or real animal. WikiFauna relates to the culture of All The Tropes and its users and this page WikiFauna serves as a resource to help coordinate, organize, and otherwise manage the writing and editing of WikiFauna pages.

    Inclusion guidelines

    This a Just for Fun page. It is not intended as attack or criticism of other tropers or their editing styles, it is merely a fun page for whimsically explaining general editing styles of various members of the wiki editing community.

    A WikiFauna should
    • provide some educational and reflective merit closely related to the goals of ATT.
    • be helpful or useful in building the wiki.
    • be a sincere and genuine effort to improve the wiki.
    • express an attitude designed to encourage a cooperative spirit among tropers.
    A WikiFauna should not
    • be too obscure to be useful in building the wiki.
    • treat serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor.
    • lack genuineness towards improving the wiki.
    • be mean or too aggressive. Pointing a fellow troper to a WikiFauna essay to identify him/her as that WikiFauna should not serve to inflame a situation, belittle the troper, or dismiss/discredit the troper for maintaining an opposing/different opinion.
    • serve to foster negative attitudes in others towards an troper identified with the WikiFauna.

    Basic WikiFauna

    These terms originate from the first and second wikis ever created, respectively WikiWikiWebs (aka Ward's Wiki, about programming and miscellany) and MeatballWiki (about online communities). They were then adopted by various other wikis including The Other Wiki, The Other Tropes Wiki, and This Very Wiki (obviously).


    A WikiElf is described as having desirable traits of an troper working behind the scenes to improve All The Tropes. Subspecies are the CreatorElf; PeopleElf; DeleteElf; ExpandElf; ProtectElf.


    A WikiFairy is described as having desirable traits of an troper who beautifies All The Tropes.


    A WikiGnome is described as having desirable traits of an troper who quietly attends to details of the wiki.


    A WikiHobbit is described as having desirable traits of an troper developing expertise niches and evading heavy arguments unless forced to make a valiant stand, often against heavily armored adversaries. Sadly, they are not immune to the temptations of Power.


    A WikiOgre is described as having traits of an troper who can sometimes be inactive for periods of anything from days, weeks, or months, but often engage in a rampage of activity, editing wildly.


    A WikiTroll is described as having traits of an troper who bait others into repetitive methods of disruption, or, more innocently, like to make weird and quirky edits For The Lulz. Not all WikiTrolls are malicious, and some just want to have some harmless fun with other wiki users, but the malicious types can be a detriment to the wiki and frustrate other WikiFauna.

    Expanded WikiFauna

    These WikiFauna generally can apply to a smaller group of tropers.


    A WikiAngel is described as having desirable traits of an experienced troper of significantly reduced activity, but who continues to follow the project and to act altruistically in cases of need. WikiAngel is modeled on "Guardian angel".


    A WikiBadger is a very disruptive troper that takes on vandals, unfortunate noobs, and even other WikiFaunas bigger than they are. Though alone, they're useful.


    A WikiBarbarian is one of the most perilous vandal, this troper is dedicated to vandalizing articles.


    A WikiBogeyman is a troper that is very scary, yet important for the troping/wiki ecosystem. By scaring bad wikifaunas.


    A WikiBouncer is a troper that is against bias, incivility, and not following the rules.


    A WikiBear is an omnivorous browser. It can fight fiercely, but would rather be munching berries.


    A WikiCat is described as having desirable editing traits such as being goal-oriented. They are also described as ambitious tropers with the neutral quality of being less social.


    A WikiChef likes to cook up templates, userboxes, and other delicious goodies for his or her fellow tropers.


    WikiClaus gives awards to good deserving tropers when even fellow tropers failed to do so.


    A WikiCyclops is described as having mildly desirable traits of an troper who work at depth with a narrow focus.


    A WikiDee are good-natured tropers, who don't comprehend the rules and makes frequent errors.


    WikiDodos are tropers who are good-natured but don't understand the rules and make frequent mistakes.


    A WikiDragon is described as having desirable traits of an troper who is sporadically highly active and, when sporadically highly active, are boldly and grand, but exhibits less desirable traits of being clumsy or overconfident.


    A WikiDwarf cleans up all/most messes that a WikiGoblin makes.


    A WikiEagle can somehow find the tiniest typo hidden in a page.


    A WikiFallen is described as having undesirable traits of an troper who was once a productive troper who have been banned or otherwise exiled from the project.


    A WikiGiant is described as having desirable traits of an administrator who responds to vandalism, but with the undesirable trait of responding overly powerfully and clumsily in opposing vandalism.


    A WikiGoblin is a new type of vandal, which sprays graffitti in All The Tropes.


    A WikiGoon is like semi-stealth WikiPolice that try to bounce trouble makers speedily. They have connections and loyalties to other, more senior and powerful users that they might favor over official policy.


    A WikiGremlin is a microscopic creature that runs the All The Tropes website.


    A WikiGryphon is a diligent, versatile and flexible user. They have the pride of a lion and the fierceness of an eagle when it comes to vandals.


    A WikiHunter is a troper that likes hunting down spam or other articles not worth keeping and occasionally likes to display trophies of their "kills".


    A WikiHybrid is a kind of All The Tropes troper that possesses qualities of 2 other species.


    A WikiImp is a user who, while not directly harming All The Tropes, leaves the editing to others.


    A WikiJackals are tropers who wants to be the first to spring into action just to add a celebrity death or other important person's article as soon as the news hits.


    A WikiJaguar is an troper prone to stalking other users' talk pages, occasionally leaving either constructive or negative comments. While often friendly, they are at great risk of Wikiholism.


    A WikiJanitor is a troper, who does the maintenance and cleanups of the wiki.


    A WikiKing takes dramatic ownership of articles, contrary to policy. The description is negative, though intended non-offensively, as a description of a not-yet-encultured over-enthusiastic contribution to a particular subject.


    WikiKitten is generally a newcomer, similar to WikiPuppies, but usually have more edits to mainspace articles. They might need help doing things and becoming new tropers, but most of the time make it on their own.


    WikiKnights are there to protect the simple WikiVillagers; to defend All The Tropes and uphold the eternal pillars of truth. The term is intended as an honour for a particular style of contributing.


    The WikiKomodo is hardly seen, despite that they edit in All The Tropes and even make a few articles.


    WikiKraken are a hypothetical type of user that creates hoax material.


    The WikiMercenary neither has their own Wiki-ing principles or projects, they just look for projects where assistance is needed perhaps to take part in the after-glory of, for instance, having contributed to an article being raised to feature status.


    A WikiMule is a relatively quiet user who assumes good faith and keeps modestly to their work.


    The WikiOtter is very friendly toward new Users. Another aspect of the WikiOtter persona is a tendency toward harmless mischief, which is always done in good faith.


    A WikiPanda usually munches on a single topic. Though the Giant WikiPandas are prone to inactivity, whereas the Red WikiPandas are more adaptable.


    A WikiPeacock is either highly boastful of themselves or of some other particular subject. Views tend to be grandiose and go extremes.


    The WikiPlatypus is a user who has traits of many WikiFauna, and may spend some of its time acting, for example, like a WikiDragon, other times like a WikiKnight, a WikiSloth, WikiGnome, etc.


    WikiPolice is a term for tropers who have studied policy actively and act to have policy enforced.


    The WikiPotoo is an nocturnal creature that only comes out to edit All The Tropes pages that interests them.


    A WikiPrincess is a user who glories in ATT's collection of data but is too lazy to contribute.


    WikiPuma refers to a user who edits a lot, but edits carefully. This user will often make grandiose edits, but hates bad grammar and will fix it wherever found. They are prone to lashing out at times, but are scared of fire and avoid flame wars. In addition, they can experience overworking and persecution, potential dangers.


    WikiPuppy generally refers to an anxious user, most likely one who is new to All The Tropes. This user will make edits on the subjects they like even though they aren't yet very familiar with things like Wiki formatting and citation. They would be wise to avoid the impatient WikiVampire or coming across as a WikiTroll.


    A WikiRabbit is an inexperienced troper that is still doing their best to learn, but occasionally chews on articles that need removal by WikiHunters.


    A WikiReaper is a user who is almost never supportive of others, and tries to drive other souls away from All The Tropes using its scythe, which they call opposition.


    A WikiRoadrunner is a troper that edits and contributes really fast.


    A WikiShark is a troper, who is fearsome, misunderstood, yet effective user.


    A WikiSloth is a user who makes contributions based solely on hedonistic intellectual enjoyment. Their contributions are valuable because they rarely get involved in protracted disputes or edit wars.


    A WikiVampire is a user who loves to bite the life out of newcomers.


    A WikiWarlock is a troper, who is one of the most dangerous, elusive vandals.


    A WikiWeasel is a troper that uses a lot of Weasel Words. Not all do this out of malice and in some cases it may be appropriate to do so.


    The WikiWitch, a capricious creature whose devotion to arcane lore overshadows their every act. Can be mistaken for all sorts of WikiFauna.


    A WikiWizard edits in order to keep the universe in order, by fixing small errors, helping with dispute resolutions, and occasionally helping fight vandalism and trolls.


    The WikiWolfcub is a user who, although displaying the friendliness of a WikiPuppy, has the hunter-killer mentality of the wolf and is prepared to make bold edits and significant changes, as well as hunting down small prey such as typos.


    The WikiZombie (or consensus zombie, or "tea drinker") is a user who stands in the way of building consensus.

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