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    This wiki's primary focus is Creators, Tropes, and Creative Works which is essentially the same thing as PeopleProjectsAndPatterns but for the world of entertainment, literature, and art.

    Critical Pages: All The Tropes:New User Introduction, Recent Changes, Mechanics of Writing, All The Tropes:Community Portal


    • TV Tropes, the wiki that this site was forked from. (This is a one way trip; mentioning All The Tropes on TV Tropes is a permabannable offense. Well, not ENTIRELY, but any outright positive mention of this site has an extremely high chance to end in a ban.)
    • Portland Pattern Repository, the original wiki, and source of the People, Projects, and Patterns repository we try to emulate.
    • Wikipedia provides a secondary, more encyclopedic source on the same topics in entertainment.
    • FanLore [dead link] also lists tropes, many specific to its topic of transformative fanfiction.

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