Wizard's Soul - Koi no Seisen

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Wizard's Soul - Koi no Seisen is a manga that is written and drawn by Aki★Eda, not to be confused with Aki☆Eda.

Manaka is good at the game "Wizard's Soul", a TCG largely based on Magic: The Gathering. Being good at "Wizard's Soul" is a useful skill in this setting. However she hates playing, at least if her goal is to win. Her play style isn't fun to play against either. After her dad gets her family in debt she decides to join a tournament and use the prize money to get her family out of it.

Wizard's Soul - Koi no Seisen was first published in early 2016.

Tropes used in Wizard's Soul - Koi no Seisen include:
  • Anonymous Benefactor: Manaka's boss gave Manaka a gift. Eita slipped in a card that would help Manaka's deck without telling anyone. His generosity is discovered rather quickly.
  • Averse Adept: Manaka doesn’t like playing Wizard’s Soul to win. Playing without putting effort into winning isn’t that bad though. The reason she hates trying to win is it vividly reminds her of how she got good at the game… trying to save her mother. The reason Manaka enters a tournament is because her dad ruined her family's financial situation when he fell for a scam and she thought winning money in a tournament would get them out of it.
  • Cherry Tapping:

[She] hit me with the weakest possible creature for 20 turns straight!

  • Hiroshima as a Unit of Measure: When we are told about Manaka's father getting scammed into debt, Manaka frames the money in terms of how many packs of WS someone could buy.
  • Identical Panel Gag: With the Cherry Tapping example above.
  • Scanlation: Wizard's Soul has been picked up (and been dropped) by various scanlators, at least one of which seems to be a team effort (in which presumably one edits and the other translates or something). At least one of the scanlators was very likely a Magic player.
  • Serious Business: Wizard's Soul is the go-to way of measuring someone's combination of luck, intelligence, and ability. Despite this, since it seems like people only play constructed, wealth is a factor. One prominent enough that it gets talked about.