Wolfenstein (2009 video game)/Awesome

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    • In Isenstadt, you walk down the Main street, and hear gunfire from one of the houses. You go in, and there's this guy with a rifle and a dead SS Officer at his feet. Turns out the Nazi wanted to shake him down for money, and this lowly civilian took the gun out of his hands and gunned him down with it.
    • B.J. getting out of the Black Sun Dimension and hightailing it off the exploding Zeppelin with a stolen parachute also qualifies. He barely stops for 5 seconds to beat the crap out of a random Mook to get the parachute.
    • What about that whole intro sequence on the Tirpitz, where he's disguised as the Nazi General Shosshund, and the Captain reports to him that there might be a spy on board. He then proceeds to make a dash for the airplanes, beating the living daylights out of several mooks, and leaving the ship to its explosive fate.