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  • In the fourth episode, Mew senses a disturbance and drops what she's doing to find her mother. When she does, it's revealed that Maria had already sensed it ahead of her. She's even shown gazing into distance, in the direction of its source. When Mew calls her, Maria simply replies, "I know." As if on cue, the clouds gather and the sky darkens.
  • Soon after, Mew decides she can no longer remain idle and tells her mother she has to go. Maria finally removes her mother's ring, passes it onto her daughter, and tells her: "Do as you must." And, with those words, her role comes to an end.
  • Also from episode 4: Sharon stepping in to defend Ceasar against "Pollux", who's really Astral suffering from amnesia. They engage in a short, albeit intense duel, wherein she fights him to a standstill! In case you didn't get that: she stalemated versus the guy that kicked Fabris' ass! Lady of War, indeed!
  • The final battle, which unfolds in classic rpg fashion:
    • Astral and the others are joined by Fabris and his army, to take on Tessio and Menza's true form. After their individual attempts fail, they combine their efforts, effectively becoming a textbook party, consisting of: the hero (Astral), the love interest (Sharon), a black mage (Mew), and the former antagonist (Fabris)!
    • The best part? While each has their moment to shine, Mew takes the MVP award, by using her magic to supercharge Astral's final blow for Massive Damage! Stat buffs ftw!!