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      An international award for creators of the Fantasy genre. It's been around since 1975.

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      See the complete list of winners on the official website.

      Award Categories:

      • Anthology (1988-present)
      • Artist (1975-present)
      • Collection (1988-present)
      • Collection/Anthology (1975-1987)
      • Convention Award (1978-1997, 2013)
      • Life Achievement (1975-present, multiple awards since 1984)
      • Long Fiction (2016-present)
      • Novel (1975-present)
      • Novella (1982-2015)
      • Short Fiction (1975-present)
      • Special - Non-Pro (1975-present)
      • Special - Pro (1975-present)
      World Fantasy Award winners and nominees include:


      Selected nominees:


      Short Fiction

      • A Midsummer Night's Dream - won 1991 (notable in that after Neil Gaiman won this award, the rules were changed so that comics and graphic novels could never be nominated in this category again)

      Special Awards

      Life Achievement