Wormtooth Nation

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Welcome to Wormtooth Nation, Welcome to The City.

Here in this underground complex reside the last remnants of the human world. How we came here or why are questions that no longer have answers. It is recommended, should you wish to ask such questions, you do so quietly, and in places where you will not be overheard. We have been here a long time, and there are those in power whose desire is to remain, calmly, repairing this city and prolonging our continued existence until the final cave in ends us all in dirt and darkness. Head among those is the overlord of this world, the Baron O'Brien. The Baron's knowledge of the city is such that should he remain in power, the city will remain in operation, producing the food and water we need to survive, and providing us with all the creature comforts we desire, indefinitely.
—Taken from the Wormtooth Nation website

It began when Geoffrey Boothby and Cullen Thomas, Two aspiring filmmakers, decided create a steampunk version of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Then end result is a nine-part internet series later compiled into a feature-length movie and sold on the same website it originally aired on. Remarkably good for a student production with a very small budget. The acting is at times overdone, as many of the actors only had stage experience.

Loosely based off the Shakespeare story, it takes place in an underground city filled with a mysterious substance called wormy or wormtooth gas. If inhaled, the gas takes all your memories away. The characters call this getting nixed, and treat it as a regular occurrence. So many people get nixed, it appears that no one remembers how long they have lived in the city or how to get back to the surface. The city, under the leadership of Baron O'Brien continues running, but only barely. There is tension between the official leadership of the Baron and the Union (membership mandatory) as well as the followers of the Graffiti Artist, a revolutionary who leaves messages of hope and finding the surface on the walls.

Tropes used in Wormtooth Nation include: