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  • Awesome Music: Xenosaga Episode III's soundtrack by Yuki Kajiura is nothing short of amazing, as is the venerable Yasunori Mitsuda's efforts on I.
  • Hell, even II, whose soundtrack is fairly mediocre overall, still has some of the best songs in the series. Communication Breakdown, Fatal Fight, Here She Comes, Battle Of The Elsa, Chase, Sakura, Sweet Song ... real diamonds in the rough, no question.
    • Lamentation
    • The Sakura theme in Episode II and Hepatica theme in Episode III (arguably the themes for their respective games) are truly awesome. Not in the way to inspire awe and terror, but the way they draw out Tender Tears in how beautiful they are. The song Testament from Episode III can produce similar feelings...Well, at least the beginning part of it.
    • The reason that many consider Ep.2's soundtrack to be subpar is that in-game music and cutscene music were handled by separate composers. Yuki Kajiura composed the cutscenes, using her usual ethnic-techno-choir style; while Shinji Hosoe composed the area themes and used '80s-chiptune styled music which didn't mesh terribly well with Kajiura's and was maybe a bit too repetitive when contrasted with it (and with the silent dungeons of the first game). Listening to the OST as an album is likely a more impressive aural experience as Hosoe's compositions are absent and the standout tracks like Communication Breakdown come at you in more-rapid succession. In fairness, however, some of the dungeon BGM from later in the game (like the Ormus Stronghold) is actually quite good - it's just that the gratingly repetitive Second Miltia theme is a difficult pill to swallow and is likely the first thing that comes to mind when one is asked to recall XS 2's soundtrack.
  • Xenosaga I's battle theme. Pure orchestral awesome.