Xiaolin Showdown/Radar

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  • From the episode "Katnappe!" If this isn't a masturbation joke i don't know what is.

Jack Spicer: I thought we had a good thing going here Wuya, you sense the Shen Gong Wu i pick them up with my solid hands.
Katnappe: Uh, hello I've got hands TWO of them.

  • From the episode "Bird of Paradise":

Jack Spicer: If anybody deserves the Bird, it's me!

    • Likewise, from "Something Jermaine":

Jack Spicer: If anybody deserves the Golden Finger, it's me!

  • From "The Year of the Green Monkey":

Omi: Now, if you all will kindly look away, I feel the urge to scratch in a place that I have never scratched before!

[Various monkey noises and oohing and oh yeahing accompanied by shots of the others face-faulting, including Wide Eyes and Shrunken Irises, Head-Tiltingly Kinky, and Clay covering Kimiko's eyes with his hat.]

Omi: I am in heat!
Raimundo: No, Omi, you're "on fire"!