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You know, that trope where......

This is a common question asked by anyone who has seen something they know to be a trope, but they don't quite have a name or description for it, and they would like to remedy that.

Which is where the Trope Workshop comes in.

On this page, you can create a draft trope page you'd like to create, work on, and refine until you think it's ready, then call for a vote to transfer it to the main namespace, where, hopefully, it will be blessed by Wiki Magic and prosper. Much like professional publishing houses, we expect that you will think that your draft is ready to publish right away; if you only have a few disconnected ideas and only one or two examples, then please work on the page in your sandbox or offline until you think they're ready for the entire world to read. Wiki Magic is for filling in the gaps you didn't realize existed, not for doing the work for you.)

The Trope Workshop also lists tropes that we inherited from TV Tropes and have subsequently been marked as trope stubs.

For guidelines on how to use this namespace see Trope Workshop Guidelines

To create a new trope candidate:

Rules of the Trope Workshop:

Over the years, the Workshop has evolved a few rules specific to it, debated and voted on by the Wiki community. These are:

  1. Don't flood the Workshop. Per this discussion, nobody is allowed to have more than three candidates in the Trope Workshop at any given time. There can be more than three Tropes in the Workshop at once - it's just that each Troper is only allowed to propose at most three at a time (three from Alice, three from Bob, and so on).
  2. Tropes that don't get worked on will be deleted. Per this discussion, trope candidates must be actively worked on, or they run the risk of deletion. "Actively worked on" means tropers are editing the candidate to improve it and render it suitable for launch. Comments made in the talk page about how to improve (or save) the page are not working on the candidate; they are chatter that does not affect its state. Only actual edits to the candidate itself count as working on it.
If a candidate sits untouched for six months or more, it is considered to be abandoned. "Untouched" means no editing activity. (At their discretion, ATT staff may choose to ignore trivial changes made in that time -- "trivial" in this context being, for example, edits along the line of adding a single link or fixing the grammar of a single sentence or paragraph. This is to discount "token" edits whose only purpose is to forestall "abandoned" status.)
Abandoned candidates will be marked with the {{delete}} template announcing a one-week warning and giving a specific date and time for their deletion. A notice will also be placed on the candidate's talk page repeating this warning and CC'ing all admins and active editors. If no effort is made to reignite development of the candidate, it will be deleted at the end of the one-week grace period.
The only thing that counts as rescuing a trope from abandoned status is further genuine development of the trope. Again, "token" edits which do not substantially improve the candidate and move it toward launch do not count and may be ignored by the admins. Protests and suggestions in the candidate's talk page also do not count. If you want to save a candidate, don't talk about it -- work on it.
Tropes returned to the Workshop for revision or improvement and tropes which appear in it because they have the {{tropestub}} or {{Trope Needs Examples}} template on them are not subject to this rule.

Tropes in the Workshop:

Sometimes, trope candidates have a "cleanup" notice on them. If you want to help launch these candidates, please do the work that has been identified as being needed. Here's the latest list:

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