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You're the Man Now Dog was a popular humor site.

The creator, Max Goldberg, made the first site after watching the trailer to Finding Forrester. This first site (recreated here) consisted of some ASCII art and Sean Connery's "You're the man now, dog!" line from the trailer. As other people started to create their own Spinoffs of the page by copying the code, Max started listing them. Eventually the list became overly long, so Max bought an entire domain for the sites and made an easy-to-use site generator. And the rest is history. New York Magazine credits the site with setting the pattern for what became known as "internet humor" -- random or nonsensical and motivated by the intent to confuse or troll those not in on the joke.

The main purpose of the site was to allow users to create their own pages, or YTMNDs, using a GIF animation, an MP3 file and the site's patented zooming text.

It has its own wiki.

It abruptly vanished from the web over the weekend of May 11-12, 2019.

Tropes used in YTMND include: