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Yenny is an online comic comic strip that used to run in newspapers, written by David Alvarez. It began in 1988 as a comic called Zacha & Anyelín, and it originated in a Puerto Rican newspaper.

It stars Yenny, a sexy but short-tempered Puerto Rican girl who dreams of becoming a top model, but fails because her feet are too big. Despite all the Fan Service, the series mostly features Looney Tunes-type humor (Alvarez also used to draw DC Comics' Looney Tunes series). Other characters include: her mother, Yunny, who is as sexy as her daughter (and even tougher); their sarcastic pet lizard, Zacha; Yenny's best friend, Tomato, and her rival, stuck up rich girl Margot.

On Halloween, 2011, Dave announced that Yenny‍'‍s run on GoComics would end and he would no longer seek a supporter for a mainstream syndicated comic strip run in the United States, let alone an animated project, citing executive meddling, racism toward the people of the state despite them being an official commonwealth area of America, and fear of a sexy Puerto Rican lead role being a bad role model for audiences. He will continue her adventures in full-page volumes instead of daily comic strips. However, Dave later announced the daily strips would be continued by another artist if he had to find one. Besides, Dave is storyboarding on the second season of The Looney Tunes Show.

As of May 2020, new Yenny comics are available for purchase at the artist's Facebook page.

Tropes used in Yenny include: