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Yotsuba herself, takes the whole story.

  • In an early volume, Yotsuba showing off the cicadas she and her friends caught to their mom - by opening the box of bugs, setting them free inside their house. It brought back memories of the many similar mistakes of this troper's childhood.
    • "After that we went cicada hunting in Ena's house."
  • This troper about busted a gut with laughing through the chapter when Yotsuba decides to take revenge on the neighbors with her water pistol.
  • Chapter 7 when Koiwai randomly put the underwear on his head. That and everything else involving "Pants Man!!" (A.K.A. "Boxer Man")
  • Jumbo's whole introduction.

Asagi: It must be hard to find clothes your size.

  • blank stare*
    • And his random "GAOO!" at Ena.
      • And then Ena running away and tripping.
      • And when Ena tells her family about the 'huge guy' they know EXACTLY who she's talking about.

Fuuka/Mom/Asagi: Jumbo-san./Giraffe-san./Takeda-san.
Asagi & Fuuka: Giraffe-san?
Mom: He said his ancestors were giraffes...

  • How about when they went to the zoo together?

Yotsuba: "OHHHHH! You can tell what the elephant is saying!?"
Yotsuba's Dad: "You bet I can! What else is a translator for? I am an elephant! From Africaaa!"
Yotsuba (reading from sign): "In. Di. An. Ele. Phant."
Yotsuba's Dad: "... Okay, sorry. Daddy was making that up."

Koiwai: KIEEE!!
Jumbo: KUAAAA!!
Koiwai: CHOO
Jumbo: CHAA
Koiwai: HAUAAA
Yotsuba: Hurry up and play.
Koiwai & Jumbo: Ok. Sorry.

  • Most of the pool chapter.

Koiwai: So, you can't swim either.

    • Not to mention Yotsuba as swimming instructor.

Yotsuba: Let's start with pike.
Koiwai, Jumbo, Fuka: ........
Yotsuba: You have to think about the fish!
Caption: Yotsuba's swimming dojo - unsuccessful. Yotsuba asking the lifeguard to come down her seat so that Yotsuba can sit there.

  • And the farm chapter.

Yotsuba: I know how to count to five!
Yanda: I also know how to count to five.
Jumbo: I know how to count as well!
Koiwai: So do I.
Tour guide: H-how nice...

    • And every other chapter with Yanda. Like when he bit her ice cream. Or when he prank called her. Basically, their first meeting introduces the funniest rivalry ever.
  • The section in chapter 2 when Fuka gets stuck in the Koiwais' bathroom window.
    • And then made fun of by Asagi.
  • "BUTT!"
    • *smack* "BUTT!" (During the autumn festival Yotsuba sees a man with fundoshi underwear, basically underwear exposing the butt. She runs up to him and gives him a good slap on the butt, the man looks so shocked.)
  • The whole series is pure Crowning Moment of Heartwarming with a Crowning Moment of Funny filling, but if I must pick one, it's the Finnish translation of the cicada scene in the first chapter. Yotsuba says "Olen kaskas" ("I'm a cicada"), which isn't funny yet. The thing is, "kas kas" is a common way to say "is that so?", which is exactly what Fuka says next, making this an epicly lame pun. I must have been laughing for half an hour straight. It's like Kiyohiko Azuma wrote the line expecting the eventual Finnish translation.
  • The faces Yanda makes when Yotsuba is trying to get a ticket from a toll booth (and poor Yotsuba's subsequent reactions.). Also, Yotsuba's facial expression which needs a corresponding emoticon. NOW.
  • The aftermath of the balloon chapter is hilarious, especially given the Ship Tease Azuma introduces, combined with Jumbo's crush on Asagi:

Koiwai: "If I tell Jumbo that I went out with Asagi, he's gonna be pissed."
*Jumbo walks in*
Jumbo: "Yo."
Koiwai: "I went out with Asagi."
Jumbo: "WHAT!?"

*Jumbo sees a photo of Asagi and Koiwai twirling around, joined at the hands*
Jumbo: "YOUR HANDS!!!"
*Jumbo grabs Koiwai's hands*
Jumbo: "LIKE THIS!?"
*Jumbo starts twirling around with Koiwai*
Jumbo: "LIKE THIIIS!?"

  • Yotsuba discovering the bitter truth about coffee.
  • This Troper has to say, in his opinion "Yotsuba & the Stars" has some of the funniest stuff in the series. From her blinding herself with the "Yotsuba Beam!" and stumbling backwards into a trash can, blaming Yanda even though he wasn't there, to Koiwai asking Yotsuba if she knows any stars:

Koiwai: Are there any stars you know, Yotsuba?
Yotsuba: There is!
Koiwai: Oh, which one?
Yotsuba: Um... that bright, pretty one
*Yotsuba points up at the sky*
Koiwai: Which star is it?
*Next panel*
Yotsuba: Earth.

  • Pop quiz! What's something you go see, is large and round, and flies through the air?

Yotsuba: A turtle!

  • When Yotsuba watches too many gangster movies and goes on a water pistol-toting rampage. From squirting down her own father in cold blood, to taking out one of Ena's teddy bears (while sparing Ena because she doesn't kill innocents), to the part where Asagi gets the drop on her and gives her a taste of her own medicine.
  • Sorry, but all of the above are subordinate to the absolute KING of all CMOF's: Jumbo going berserk when he finds out Miura is going to Hawaii.

Jumbo: And now our little princess will perform a hula dance!
Ena: <clap> <clap> <clap>

  • Chapter 67: Yotsuba find an electric razor and immediately tests it out on Jumbo's beard. Jumbo is horrified.
  • Yotsuba headbanging.
  • Pretty much the entirety of Chapter 69 pt 2, but special mention goes to Miura's little attempt at wisdom on the first page:

Miura: Robot or not, all living things must die
Miura: Even though he's not a living thing...Since he's a robot...

  • Yanda's arrival in Chapter 41 and Yotsuba's reaction:

Yotsuba: A nasty guy arrived!
Jumbo: Ah true, a nasty guy arrived.
Koiwai: A nasty guy arrived.
Yanda: ...Give me a break.

    • A little later, they take a break and Jumbo gets hamburgers. In an adorable, and hilarious, moment, Yotsuba maliciously eats hers at Yanda, who only had cup ramen.
  • Yotsuba drops her newly-acquired teddy bear from a hot air balloon. Lesson about taking better care of one's possessions? Not... quite.

Torako: (stunned) IT LANDED ON ITS FEET!

  • Yotsuba playing with the tape measure, more specifically when she asks a distracted Fuuka to hold it while she gets enough distance and sends the tape flying. Dad was not happy.
  • This page. Never be Yotsuba's (or Duralumin's) enemy.
  • This particular translation of a certain page (read the comments section).
  • When Yotsuba is shopping for ramen, she says, "With this much, I figure even if I ate it once a week, I could still have it every day." Another shopper has a hilarious look on her face as she tries to comprehend that sentence.
  • Volume 11 adds a bonus section to chapter 72, featuring Yotsuba, Dad, and Jumbo hiding when Yanda comes round. Badly.
    • There's also this:

Yotsuba: But Daddy ate so much that he turned into Full Belly Man.
Jumbo: What does he do when he's Full Belly Man?
Yotsuba: He doesn't move.

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