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    • Base Breaker: Ear Rape being used in poops. Originally regarded a staple in YTPs, nowadays opinions divide between whether its annoying and a tell-tale sign of a Spaghetti-Dinner poop or its Actually Pretty Funny and most poopers just don't know how to use it properly.
      • There is also much dispute among the YTP community over make-sense vs not-make-sense, flash vs non-flash, and what defines YTP.
    • Complete Monster: In Skellington's Revenge, the Black Hiver manages to be the only Youtube Poop example of this trope, his villainy being played completely seriously. When Jack Skellington summons this demon to help him take over Christmas, it gives him the power to trap the souls of those who oppose him in paintings. It then enacts it's plan by trapping SpongeBob, Patrick, RED Team, the Eds, and Fluttershy in its dimension just because they were celebrating Christmas. It then proceeds to kill them all in horrific ways (burning the Edd, Eddy, and the Spy before eating them; throwing a rock at Patrick, causing him to fall to his death) and turns the bodies of Scout, Soldier, and Fluttershy against everyone else. This culminates when Jack undergoes a Heel Face Turn, pissing off the Hiver, who proceeds to kill SpongeBob and try to kill Jack. As it is doing this, it admits that its goal of ravaging and dominating all the holiday realms is far beyond what Jack wanted, and that it was using Jack to achieve it. Thankfully once the Hiver is destroyed, all the horrors it committed come undone. Devoid of any comedy, the Black Hiver was a surprisingly dark and menacing villain for a YouTube Poop character.
    • Crosses the Line Twice: The more vulgar and/or violent varieties of YTP often apply this. This YTP, where the king starts shooting people over what to have for dinner, would be an obvious example.
    • Discredited Meme/Overused Running Gag: Many older Poopers view the CD-I and video game cartoons - as well as various memes - as overused.
      • There's also the opinion that proclaiming in a video's title or description that it's a Poop defeats the entire purpose of Pooping: subversion.
    • Freud Was Right
    • Love It or Hate It There doesn't seem to be much of an inbetween area.
    • Serious Business: The higher echelons of the community treat the act of the Poop as something of a fine art, conducting interviews with notable Poopers to explore the psychology and meaning behind their Poops. It could be tongue-in-cheek on their part, especially considering what Poops are supposed to be like, but...
      • Hell, even the haters take their hatred of YouTube Poops seriously.
    • So Bad It's Good/Stylistic Suck: Its bread and butter.
    • Sturgeon's Law: There sure are a lot of amateurs out there and most aren't very good at it.
    • Watch It for the Meme: Some call it worth watching because of how preposterous it is.