Young Avengers/YMMV

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    • Broken Base: The letter column at the back was choc-a-bloc each month with complaints that book was saying it's okay to be gay. And equally choc-a-bloc with praise saying what a godsend it is to LGBT teens.
    • Fan Nickname: After Clint Barton resumed using the Hawkeye identity after Dark Reign, some fans began using Hawkingbird as a name for Kate Bishop, who had been using the name in the time Clint was operating as Ronin & was originally referred to as Hawkingbird as a joke in the series, before she was given the Hawkeye name.
    • Ho Yay: Billy and Teddy went straight past this to Official Couple, but the first issue gives us the semi-infamous picture of Iron Man with his arm around Captain America's waist in midair.
    • I Knew It!: Wiccan and Hulkling's reveal as being a gay couple was done sooner than planned, because all the fans could tell they were in a relationship anyway.
    • What Happened to the Mouse?: The Young Masters of Evil that appeared and escaped at the end of the arc. They haven't appeared or been mentioned since.
      • They're appearing in a title soon! It's on the youngavengers livejournal group.
    • The Scrappy: Some fans still have yet to forgive Cassie for going over to the Pro-Regs during the Civil War, especially since her justification was "I don't want to go to jail like Wiccan," which according to some, made her appear cowardly and unwilling to stand up for her beliefs. Others chalk it up to bad writing.
      • Alas, Poor Scrappy: Many fans felt bad and cried when Cassie died at the end of Children's Crusade after sacrificing her life against giant god-mode Doctor Doom.
    • The Woobie: Tell me you've never wanted to wrap Wiccan in a warm blanket and carry him home.