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  • Miss Martian's bioship has an oval shaped opening on it's base when members of the team need to jump out. Then she mentions that the ship is female. How did the censors not notice that?
  • "Schooled" has Wally in a sparring match with Black Canary, where he tells her he'd like to show her some of his "moves." His tone and facial expression make it very clear that he is not talking about fighting...
  • From "Bereft", when the Team is suffering from amnesia and Wally had just found the button on his chest that changed his suit from the flashy red and yellow palette to the stealth black palette.

Artemis (to Kid Flash): Quit touching yourself!

    • Also:

Kid Flash: Girls are always on my mind! ...But they're not usually talking.

    • And:

Artemis: Who put me in this?!
Kid Flash: Wow. I am not touching that with a ten foot... uh... so! You know how to use that bow?

  • "Terrors" had Superboy and Miss Martian making out. While still in disguise as the Terror Twins.
  • This line from "Revelation":

Artemis: (upon noticing that she doesn't have her bow) Ugh... I feel naked... and not in a fun way.
Aqualad: (responding with) Then we will make our own fun.

  • Said to Miss Martian in "Secrets"

Superboy: You are so making this up to me later.

  • When speaking of Queen Bee's power to control men in "Images", Batman clarifies it to "most men and some women".
  • "Happy New Year" has Lobo calling Wonder Girl "keezy femme" which is probably another way of calling her a crazy bitch.

Wonder Girl: Yeah, yeah, "Keezy femme". I've been called worse. I think...

  • In the episode "Salvage", Wally comes home on Valentines Day to find Artemis, shown above, wearing nothing but a T-shirt (given that he's taller than her now and the shirt covers everything, it's almost assuredly his). C'mon, writers, that's not even trying to be subtle.
    • In that same episode, Superboy basically admits to being suicidal (he says that he can "relate" with the Appallaxian creature's desire to cease to exist).
  • Jaime's subplot in "Beneath" is an extremely non-funny example: heavily implied Domestic Abuse. On a kid's show. Maurice's constant aggressive body language, Shelly's insistence that he "has good days", Tye's determination to get the hell out of that house...

Shelly: Don't mind Maurice. He's having a bad day.
Jamie: I hear he has a lot of bad days
Shelly: Good ones too, occasionally...

  • In "Bloodlines," there's a quick reference to the fact that Nightwing's real name is... old-fashioned. Remove "Grayson" from the sentence below.

Impulse: Ha, that's such a Dick Grayson thing to do.