Zambot 3

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    Our justice takes the shape of a giant robot! Its name is Zambot 3!

    Zambot 3, or more fully, Invincible Super Man Zambot 3, is a 1977 anime series by long-standing mecha anime studio Sunrise and Yoshiyuki Tomino. Despite consisting of pretty standard Super Robot fare, Zambot 3 stands out for two things. Firstly, it had something of a Downer Ending. Secondly, it featured child abuse on an unprecedented level for a childrens show. The general story is that Earth is being invaded by aliens called Gaizok which came to earth chasing after the survivors of another planet, who came to live and hide on earth. However, they left behind two weapons - King Beal and Zambot 3. Cue Monster of the Week.

    It occasionally gets featured in the Super Robot Wars, where usually they have a high chance to appear together with its spiritual successor Daitarn 3 (in fact it can't seem to exist without Daitarn in SRW), thus they could do combination attacks together. This, however, is mostly offset with the lessening of its brutal nature and child abuse. Super Robot Wars Z rectifies this sorta, by showing how their abuse takes their toll. But it still avoids the Kill'Em All ending.

    Tropes used in Zambot 3 include: