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Zebraman still.jpg

Zebraman is a 2004 film directed by Takashi Miike.

A satire/homage of Japanese Tokusatsu television, such as Kamen Rider or Super Sentai, this action comedy follows Shinichi Ichikawa, a Japanese father and school teacher. Unappreciated by his family and colleagues, Ichikawa finds solace in daydreaming about his childhood television hero, Zebraman. When mysterious sightings of monsters and aliens begin to spread panic in his neighborhood, Ichikawa begins developing supernatural talents of his own and defending the frightened citizens.

Zebraman 2: Attack on Zebra City, a Darker and Edgier Actionized Sequel set fifteen years after the first film, was released in 2010, along with Vengeful Zebra Mini-Skirt Police, a Direct to Video Prequel to the sequel.

Not to be confused with Zebra Girl

Tropes used in Zebraman include: