Aqua Teen Hunger Force/Nightmare Fuel

  • Even by the standards of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the Halloween episode "The Shaving" takes the gold medal. The opening scene features a really creepy Eye Scream. The actual episode features a "harmless" monster named Willie Nelson (he likes juice!) whom Master Shake tries to help become scarier. The Nightmare Fuel appears with less than a minute to go before the end credits when we see what's in the attic... Dozens of bloody corpses piled like cordwood and hanging from the ceiling. Turns out the juice he drinks? It's human blood. Which he then gets by ripping Carl's arms off.
    • The closet as seen in "Video Ouija" and "Dickesode" are some of the scariest moments. * shudder* "Frylock: I told you this closet is not to be opened! It is a horrible horrible place in there!"
    • What happens to Santa Claus after Eggzilla burns him alive. Brr.
    • "Global Grilling". Shake buys a dangerous grill that burns a hole in the ozone layer, brings the temperature up to 242 degrees, melts the icecaps, and leads to the invasion of Mucous Men that conquer the planet in 12 years time. Luckily, that was All Just a Dream that Shake had.