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Well lookie here, we should steal his chickens! --Rollo T as Eli

You say "white power" one time and suddenly everybody thinks you're racist! --Rollo T on racism

How did you charm me you fucking cunt?! --Rollo T

Lord Kat, you have a massive penis. Now guys, don't take that out of conte-- --Rollo T


How do I heal my CHICKEN?! --Rollo T

Governor Rollo T! --Rollo T planing on becoming the governor of Pennsylvania

Fuck staples! --Rollo T on his

Arc Light is like the Final Fantasy heroine I'd always want to have sex with. --Rollo T

My name is Gandhi and I have a BIG GAY ELEPHANT! --Rollo T

I want to have sex with your babies! --Rollo T

I have to set aside money to give to TNA to get their Shit-tastic video game! --Rollo T

If you can't beat them...BURN EVERYONE! --Rollo T

I'm gonna be plankton! --Rollo T

Any dick that I can't immediately reach out and devour I don't wanna see. --Rollo T

Everything Burns! --Rollo T when playing Left 4 Dead 2 with Lordkat


Threw my chapstick in anger 'cuz it's all I got near me! --Rollo T on 2010-12-19

No homo, but I would bang the shit out of Liam Neeson! --Rollo T on 2010-12-19

I want to fuck the hate out of bigfazeek! --Rollo T

I'm not worried about the herpes from Lindsey Lohan! --Rollo T

Chris Benoit killed his son in the Crippler Crossface! --Rollo T

Why is there a Hole in the Stairs! --Rollo T when he first played Lordkat's Mind Fuck map on TF2

I will stab you in the dick! --Rollo T

Fucking 7 and 9! You couldn't even win half of your games! --Rollo T on the Seattle Seahawks

They shouldn't be given those hats! They should give those hats to Nicaraguan children, thats what you do with the loser hats! --Rollo T on the Seahawks still

I'm'a drive at you with a rocket ship full of crazy. Skronk. :[ --Rollo T as Depressed Ultimate Warrior

Climb on my FUCKING SOUP CAN! --Rollo T at a stink bug

Liam how did you get your claws stuck in your tail? How the fuck did you do that? --Rollo T

Well he doesn't respond to Liam. HEY BOMAR CAT! Ah he doesn't respond to that either --Rollo T

EMNEMNEMNEMNEMNEM! --Rollo T as his mother after her stroke

Other than kidnapping, rape, or murder, what could be worse than finding shit in your cereal? --Rollo T

Did someone shit in my Fruity Pebbles too?! --Rollo T

HNNNNNNNNNNN! Fuck this game! --Rollo T

Fuck you Squall! --Rollo T

During Superbowl 45 Commentary, Rollo T is hopelessly behind on his TV.

Sonik Gav: "Touchdown!"
2 seconds later
Nik: "Touchdown!"
2 seconds later
Lord Kat: "Touchdown!"
5 seconds later
Rollo T: "....snap!!"

Everything sucks so I picked the stupidest thing. --Rollo T on 2011-02-08 about his FFXI character selection

This is Darwin's cruelest joke! --Rollo T on 2011-02-08 about the Tarutaru race in FFXI

Lord Kat I built my ship backwards... I am dumb. --Rollo T

GET ON MY FU... --Rollo T when his connection dropped.

OH GOD THERE IN MY A... --Rollo T he was being raped by an undead group of Liam Neesons.

I ACTUALLY THINK GRAPES ARE OVERRA... --Rollo T he was being raped by an undead group of Liam Neesons.

Is there a class with a huge cock so I can use it to rape you? --Rollo T, pissed at Turret Face

I'M GONNA TEETH COCKSLAP YOU! --Rollo T, still pissed at Turret Face

AAAUUUUGGGHHHH SOMEONE NAMED THEIR GUN "TOP PERCENTAGE OF RATTAT". --Rollo T, being trolled on the Team Fortress 2 server

ARCLIGHT! ARCLIGHT! CAN YOU MAIL ME MCNUGGETS?! -- Rollo T, wanting British mcnuggets.

I'm used to dealing with 16 yr old girls ..... but their parents are always there. -- Rollo T sounding like a offender.

I don't care how many seven year olds I have to molest, I want my cookies! Don't quote that. -- Rollo T

JESUS TITTY-FUCKING CHRIST. ” -- Rollo T raging at the assassin in Monday Night Combat

Oh you fucking whore, I will RAPE and EAT YOUR CHILDREN. Oh I won, good job me. -- Rollo T playing Monday Night Combat

"I SHIT MY PANTS! I WILL FUCKING CHOKE YOU!" -- Rollo T, as Stone Cold Steve Austin in the first episode of Tough Enough ”