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  • During a session of Left 4 Dead 2 in Charger mode in Hard Rain Hilarity Ensued
    • Specifically Rollo got charged off the sugar mill and into the fields YET SURVIVED!
  • In his Weekly Manga Recap show with Y: Ruler of Time he has taken to increasingly dropping obscure professional wrestling terms, much to the consternation of his co-host who knows very little about pro wrestling. Done most blatantly when he specifically called a manga character the Renee Dupree of the series.
    • His discussion of a Sitcom starring a young Hody Jones.
    • The Rant on Flame of Recca (He spent $80 on Manga Volumes for it, only to wind up hating it), ending with: "I want my money back, THEY TOOK MY SON!"
    • Apocalypse Dragon, Destroyer of Manga Series [1]
    • This exchange:

Y: Ruler of Time: Anyway, I guess we're just gonna continue now.
Rollo T: No, Nick. We always have an awkward beginning where we talk about nothing related to manga, and then we have to awkwardly transition.
Y: Ruler of Time: I think we already did that.
Rollo T: No! We can get MORE awkward, Nick!
Y: Ruler of Time: How can we get more awkward then "My relative is dead and I blame you for it?"
Rollo T: I had a wet dream about you last night, Nick.

Y: Ruler of Time: Okay! So...!

    • From the Love So Life (May 21st) WMR, Y Ruler of Time and Rollo T devolve into an argument about the latest Toriko chapter culminating in Lord Kat saying: "This is the dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard." and then YROT laughing for almost 15 seconds straight.
    • Rollo T's Product Placement in Q&A Extravaganza 4, culminating in:

Y Ruler of Time: Chris, is there anything you'd like to say? Let's get some more product endorsements in here.
Rollo T: Well all I can say is, I know people, when you think cough drops, you think Halls. But all I can say is, Luden's wild cherry, it's only like a buck for a bag, at least it was only buck where I was, and for my money it's just as good, you know, it's something that you have in your mouth, it soothes your throat, it makes you feel good, I think Luden's works just as good as Halls. I think with Halls, you're paying for a name brand, but with Luden's you're paying for a name brand you can trust. They are a family-run business. I don't know that. I'm just saying things, now. I'm looking on the back, it says it's filled with dog turds. I don't care, it was a buck. I'm a cheap buyer, what can I say?

  • So Far anytime Rollo T has played Madden 2012, he drops a crowning moment of funny when he rages, including his ragefests when he is WINNING.
  • On Bromance, after he reads an article explaining that cats might be emitting a pheromone that causes people to like them more.

Rollo T: Liam, wherever you went, I'm onto you! Get over here and drop your mind-control bullshit!

  1. Rollo T was discussing the chapter just before the seven-year time skip, where the entire main cast was seemingly killed by Acnologia blowing up the island they were on, while they were holding hands and preaching about how the dragon will never kill their friendship. This lead to jokes about other series ending with the cast holding hands until the Apocalypse Dragon arrives and kills everyone.