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Record of Agarest War

  • This troper still doesn't get why only Reverie can equip the Sons of the Sun spear. I mean, no matter how powerful the spear is, it's still a spear; theoretically, anyone can equip that spear and yet only Reverie can only hold it herself.
    • It's a bug, they fixed it in ZERO.
  • There is so much said on how Midas is That One Boss, yet I don't see what the big deal is, since he gave me little trouble and I also overkilled him on the first try (granted, I was playing on Easy, but still). Personally, I found the regular battles at the beginning of Generation 3 and the real final boss of Gen 3 (the Gurg) to be harder than Midas, and that still wasn't as much trouble as I had in the Final Dual Boss of Gen 2. I played the Midas fight three times, each with increasingly weaker parties (first was with my regular party, second I subbed Vira-Lorr for Faina, Winfield for Alberti, and Borgnine for Vashtor, and the third was Thoma, Ellis, and the characters I had yet to use (Sharona, Arbol, Ganz, and Plum)), and overkilled him each time. Yeah, I was on easy, but beating "That One Boss" and standing up to the dreaded Phoenix Strike with a team that's two-thirds characters with their base un-upgraded equipment and starting skills shouldn't make him as bad as everyone makes him out to be. ~Bladist
    • Because Midas is the first boss to require strategic party positioning instead of lumping everyone together. If you've been neglecting that up to then (and you can) you're in for a world of hurt.
  • The Vira-lorr boob mousepad bugs me. It's not like the game even uses a mouse.
    • It's a bonus content. Just go with it. At least it will prevent you from having any Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, right?

Record of Agarest War ZERO

Record of Agarest War 2

  • If Fasti revealing himself as Mobius stabbed Weiss in the beginning of the game, then how come Aina never noticed Weiss' tear in his abdominal region AND his back in the first part of the game? Unless Chaos somehow can heal clothes as well or Chaos shaped himself like Weiss.

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