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    These are our old forums, and are rarely read. Our new forums can be found at this elegant, handcrafted link... when they're working. For now, these are the forums that we have.
    — The Mgmt.


    Below are the portals to the various forums available on the wiki.

    Wiki Specific Boards Description
    Software-update-urgent.svg Wiki Updates Updates about the wiki policy or site wide changes will be announced here and transcluded into the sitenotice when need be. Administrator only board.
    Mediawiki-logo.png Wiki Talk Talk about the wiki's direction, policies, ideas for improvement, criticism if need be.
    A Treatise of Schemes and Tropes.png Trope Talk Talk about tropes and troping here.
    Farm-Fresh hourglass.png Short Term Projects Something like an index need sorting? Some trope pages are messed up. Talk about it and discuss how to fix it here.
    Ambox clock.svg Long Term-Perpetual Projects For large scale clean up jobs that will require a long time/basically forever to fix. Strategize in here.
    Photo link.png Page Images Discuss our page image policy or debate what images need to go on what pages in here.
    Bug blank.svg Tech Wishlist And Bug Reports Think we need some kewl new extensions? Want us to add a new gadget for user preferences? Anything broken that needs fixed. Let us know here.
    Notepad icon small.svg Test Edits Board Total noob to posting? Practice in here.

    Writing Boards Description
    FinkCommander.png Writer's Workshop Got a story you're working on? Need help? Discuss and improve your work here.
    Ambox globe.svg World Building Want to build a setting but it needs some work? Want to discuss potential settings for a plot? Talk about it here.

    Media Specific Boards Description
    Japanese speech balloon.svg Animé / Manga Talk about anime and manga here.
    Office-book.svg Literature Discuss novels and other types of literature here.
    Gamepad.svg Video Games Discuss video games in this forum.
    File:Felix the cat.svg Western Animation Discuss various western animation here.
    WWW balloon.png Webcomics Discuss webcomics here.
    Dice.svg Tabletop Games Talk about tabletop games here.
    Television.svg Live Action TV Discuss live action television programs here.
    Rss-feed.svg New Media Discuss websites and internet media here.
    FilmRoll-small.png Live Action Films Discuss live action films and movies here.
    Simple Music.svg Music Discuss various type of musical media here.
    Comiclogo.png Comics Discuss western style comics here. Manga, Manhwa, and Manhua should be discussed on the Animé / Manga forum.
    Script edit.png Fanfiction The place to discuss fanfiction based on other series.
    Visual novel (visual novel storyline type).svg Visual Novels Discuss visual novels and dating sims here.
    Audio-input-microphone.svg Live Performance Discuss concerts, stand up performances, and other live performance media here.
    Image-x-generic-2.svg Visual Arts Discuss photography, calligraphy, sculpture, and other types of visual arts here.
    Radio icon.png Radio Discuss radio dramas, broadcasts, and radio broadcasters in here.
    Forum Archives Description
    Old forum Go here to see our old forum.