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You know, that trope where......

This is a common question asked by anyone who has seen something they know to be a trope, but they don't quite have a name or description for it, and they would like to remedy that.

Which is where the Trope Workshop comes in.

On this page, you can create a draft trope page you'd like to create, work on, and refine until you think it's ready, then transfer it to the main namespace, where, hopefully, it will be blessed by Wiki Magic and prosper.

NOTE: As per this discussion, nobody is allowed to have made the edit that created more than three candidates in the Trope Workshop at any given time. (Trope candidates that existed as of February 26, 2021 are allowed to stay in the Trope Workshop until accepted, merged with existing tropes, or deleted.) There can be more than three Tropes in the Workshop at once - it's just that each Troper is only allowed to have at most three at a time (three from Alice, three from Bob, and so on).

For guidelines on how to use this namespace see Trope Workshop Guidelines

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