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  • Petulia, for coming to check on Tiffany even though she thinks Tiffany was attacked by a horrible monster, which may still be there.
  • Later, when Petulia tells Annagramma to shut up and stop interrupting her.
  • "Worried though he was, and he was worried to his boots, Rob Anybody grinned. If there's one thing a Feegle likes, it's knowing that wherever you strike you're going to hit an enemy." So he charges. In italics.
  • Also, in the same vein as Jagers being sottle, Rob Anybody Feegle comprehending the list that the feegles find inside Tiffany's mind.
  • Awf'ly Wee Billy Bigchin's Badass Boast when telling the Feegles to quit fooling around:

"Any man here want tae fight? Then fight me! Aye, fight me! An' I swear by the harp o' bones I'll tak' him tae the deeps o' the sea an' then kick him tae the craters o' the moon an' see him ride tae the Pit o' Heel itself on a saddle made o' hedgehogs! I tell ye, my rage is the strength of the storm that tears mountains intae sand! Who among ye will stand agin me?"

Big Yan, who was almost three times the size of Awf'ly Wee Billy, cowered back as the little gonnagle stood in front of him. Not a Feegle would have raised a hand at that moment, for fear of his life.