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  • Magrat Garlick's given name is a misspelling; it was supposed to be Margaret, but her mother was too shy to make sure the priest got it right. So when Magrat's daughter was to be named, she spelled the child's name out carefully and added a little note to the priest about it. He was so nervous, never having conducted the ceremony before, that he formally and irrevocably pronounced the infant "Esmerelda Margaret Note Spelling of Lancre".
    • Which, you have to agree, is better than the old king "My-God-He's-Heavy the First", or Mr. "James What the Hell's That Cow Doing in Here Poorchick", who's usually called 'Moocow'.
    • My-God-He's-Heavy the First, implying that there have been at least two King My-God-He's-Heavy.