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  • One of Vetinari's rare moments of visible emotion, after Vimes told that the religious leaders want to destroy Dorfl.

'I've given that viewpoint a lot of thought, sir, and reached the following conclusion: arseholes to the lot of 'em, sir.'
The Patrician's hand covered his mouth for a moment.

  • Angua's story about Mrs. Gammage at Biers. Mrs. Gammage is an old lady who has been drinking at the undead bar since before it was the undead bar, and never noticed the change. She was robbed once. The stolen goods were returned the next day and the thieves discovered to be mysteriously empty of blood.
  • Dorfl recollecting Carrot's honest kindness and fighting even harder against the king when he notices Carrot later on in the book is definitely a topper.

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