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  • WORDS IN THE HEART CANNOT BE TAKEN. Then, of course, this being Pratchett, he breaks out some hilarious Mood Whiplash. This tends to reduce readers to a squeeing, bawling, hiccuping-with-laughter mess.
  • The deaths of William and Mrs. Easy, along with the description of how the poor live in Ankh-Morpork and Vimes' memories of his youth in the ghetto.
  • Plenty about this particular book gets to me. The golems were so desperate for freedom that they tried to make their own leader. They wanted him to be so perfect that they filled him with so many rules that he went mad. Their guilt and remorse over what they had done. CLAY OF OUR CLAY And not finally, when Dorfl is given the gift of his own ownership.
    • That last parting smile from the King golem. No matter how badly screwed-up he'd turned out to be, he knew the golems had found a savior from bondage in Dorfl after all, and was glad.
      • More with their savior. He decided he would free his fellow golems...by working, hard, for days on end until he could afford one. Then THEY would work hard, for days on end until they could afford one more. They would, without ruining anyone's day, breaking any laws or dropping any blood become free...by purchase.
  • The image of the golems trying to bring someone back to life by puting a scroll with words on into their mouth always makes me tear up.
  • The words, "I have given it some thought, and I have come up with the following response - arseholes to the lot of them, sir" shouldn't be Tear Jerkers, but they are.
  • When the golems start committing suicide, and leave behind words that, had they been able to talk, they would have been screaming.