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  • The scene when Magrat is exploring the royal bedroom. There's a massive bed, big enough to fit a dozen people, and it hasn't been slept in. As a child, Verence slept on straw in an attic he shared with the rest of his family. As an apprentice, he slept on a pallet in a full dorm. As a Fool, he had slept in front of his master's door.

He'd always slept in front of the door of his master. And now he was king, he slept in front of the door to his kingdom.

  • Mustrum Ridcully and Esme Weatherwax's childhood connection. Every time Granny's box is mentioned with all the letters in a bundle I get a fuzzy feeling in my heart.
  • The ending where Granny admits to Ridcully that she picked up a Flash Sideways from at least one alternate universe where the two of them married and lived to a happy old age.

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